Monday, March 21, 2011

DVD Review : Felicity : An American Girl Adventure

I was not lucky enough to grow up with American Girl Dolls, they really came on the scene after I became too old to really show interest. I did however grow up with Anne of Green Gables and the Secret Garden and Felicity has the same sort of appeal.

American Girl Adventures are dvd adaptations of American Girl Dolls stories. Each doll has it's own story line and book and these dvds are just a extension of that. Felicity won my heart right away as well she loves an abused horse that she calls Penny and wants to set her free. A girl after my own heart indeed!

Felicity has more than just horses on the mind though, she has to learn how to juggle the expectations set on her as well as the revolution that is coming. People that she loves are conflicted between being loyal to the king and wanting to live free as their own independent country. Friendships and her own family is divided. As well she has to juggle the struggle in her own heart between growing up and taking her place as a lady in society and her adventurist spirit and what she feels is right. The horse she calls Penny belongs to a man who mistreats his animals and she wants nothing more than to free his animals from his cruelty. Though it may not be the same issues girls face today the spirit of the issues is the same. We all struggle with our own sense of self and sense of right and what society and family puts on us.

American Girl Doll fans I'm sure will also enjoy seeing their favorite doll brought to life!

You can pick up your own copy of Felicity : An American Girl Doll Adventure right now on Amazon!


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