Monday, October 11, 2010

Update on Dylan aka Sir One Tooth!

For those of you that are following us on Facebook I'm sure you have read by now that we are having some minor problems with Dylan lately. I've had quite a few messages in private from readers and friends asking exactly whats going on and honestly I wish I knew.. as we don't really have an answer yet as to what is causing Dylan's delays but hopefully soon we will get to the bottom of it. For now I'll give you guys the update as to where we are at.

Dylan is just about 8 months old now and though he was born full term and rather on the large size 8lbs 6oz and 20.5 inches long he's growing very slowly and he has not even come close to doubling his birth weight. He's currently at 14lbs 2oz and I honestly would have to look through his paperwork to give you guys a height but he's totally off the growth chart now as far as weight goes. It's actually starting to curve down now instead of up which is a bit concerning especially seeing as he eats like a pig. On average he drinks 5-6 8oz bottles per day and eats around 6 full jars of baby food (most of which we make here at home) plus whatever else he can get his hands on. He's a bottomless pit when it comes to food and he will pretty much devour anything offered to him.

What really has his doctor riled up though is his lack of muscle tone and the fact that his muscles are just too stiff. He is not sitting up yet (nor showing any signs that he might soon) and part of the problem is most days his legs are pretty stiff and until I spend a ton of time massaging them out he has a hard time bending them into a proper sitting position. He can do the army man crawl (stomach on the floor and pulling himself along) and he is speaking a few words so he is not totally delayed in all aspects but he's behind on some big skills he should have mastered by now. 

We are heading to a pediatric neurologist at the end of this month and he's on Early Intervention and working with an awesome physical therapist that comes and visits him here in the house twice a month and gives us homework to work on. I'll post an update as soon as I know more.. but in the meantime we are just working on loosening up those muscles and building up some stamina. We both have a bacterial respiratory infection right now so its been a slow week, but we'll see our PT again this week I'm sure and I'm positive she will get us back to work pronto.

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katy said...

I hope you can get some answers from the neurologist. Good luck. My prayers are with you.

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