Thursday, September 23, 2010

DVD Review : Shaun the Sheep - Party Animals

Party on Shaun! Just the cover of this dvd totally cracks me up. There is something about Shaun the Sheep which appeals to toddlers, school aged kids, teenagers, and the dreadfully old like myself. It totally goes to show that you do not have to say a word to get your point across and a laugh to form. Even Dylan gets excited to see these crazy barnyard sheep get into some serious trouble on the farm.

Shaun The Sheep Party Animals is the newest installment to the Shaun The Sheep DVD collection. There are six hilarious episodes packed into this dvd including : Party Animals, Double Trouble, Hair Today, Pig Swill Fly, Operation Pidsley, Shaun Goes Potty, and Pig Trouble. And honestly, though I usually try to review at least one episode on the dvd that I liked most, I can not even pick when it comes to Shaun the Sheep as I really truly love all of them.

If I had to pick an episode to talk about though I guess I’d pick Shaun Goes Potty only because the title itself makes me laugh. All I’m going to say is there is some bubble wrap, a pool table, a totally unsuspecting farmer, and a really super angry mole. The mole its by far my favorite part but the whole episode is hilarious. Connor’s favorite was the Party Animals episode where the sheep dress up for the farmer’s birthday and attend his costume party. The Farmer has no clue that his guests are actually his farmyard animals not his human friends. Connor for some odd reason especially found the whole idea extra funny.

All in all if your looking for a kids show that everyone will agree to watch, even those overly angst teenagers who turn up their nose at the thought of watching other kids shows, I promise they will “flock” to the living room when Shaun comes on. There is something about those sheep that just universally appeals to everyone.

Shaun the Sheep : Party Animals is available on DVD right now and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!

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