Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DVD Review : Dora's Big Birthday Adventure!

It’s Dora’s birthday and you guys are invited! Actually this Dora dvd has the coolest DVD case hands down. The cardboard sleeve covering the DVD opens with a pop up 3D view of Dora’s birthday party with her family and Boots of course! Connor’s birthday was back in April and he is still talking about his “party” with all his friends. He was absolutely thrilled when I showed him this dvd and he says that pop up on the front of the dvd is his Dora party invite!

This dvd has less episodes included than most Dora collections though the first episode Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure is movie length. There are two other episodes included as well and a dvd game. Connor particularly loved Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure as he is absolutely stuck on birthday’s lately. We just went to a birthday party last weekend and have another one coming up shortly and he is already asking when his next birthday will be. Dora wants to get to her birthday party as well but she is stuck with Boots inside of the Magic Storybook in the land of the Wizzles and needs to find a way to get out! She has to find a way to jump out so she can make it to her party in time!

I actually really like the Wizzles and I wish there were more Wizzle episodes. My favorite episode on this dvd is Wizzle Wishes. A little Wizzle has lost his bag of wishes and without them he can not make it home. The problem is every time they find one of the wishes someone else has found them first and the wishes never turn out exactly the way people hoped. I think that’s really how wishes work in the real world as well, you can wish for something but you might not get exactly what you expect.

Dora the Explorer : Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure is available right now and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!
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