Thursday, August 19, 2010

DVD Review - Safety First with Barney, Bob The Builder, and more!

Let's Grow : Safety First, a collection of episodes from some of your favorite Hit Entertainment characters, features Barney, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Thomas, and Kipper in episodes that are all about safety. Something Connor really needs to work on as lately the "terrible three's" has him performing feats that makes me want to sell him to the circus some days! I'm mostly kidding but there have really been some days, when he's running around the house full blast, no matter how many times I tell him to stop or no matter how many times he's run head first into the wall or a piece of furniture. If he won't listen to me maybe his "friends" can help get the point across!

Included on this dvd :

  • Barney : "Home, Safe Home"
  • Thomas & Friends : "Thomas and the Runaway Car"
  • Bob The  Builder : "Slow Down Scrambler"
  • Fireman Sam : "High Jinx"
  • Kipper : "Skates"
  • and a bonus episode Angelina Ballerina : "Angelina's New School"
These episodes not only feature some of our favorite chracters but they really teach a lesson in safety. From wearing your helmet to looking both ways these are skills that kids need to learn and practice. Mom can always remind and remind but I think kids really learn best from their peers and through doing! Connor reminded me yesterday of the fact that Kipper says you need to wear your helmet in case you fall down, as he was getting on his bike! There is also a parents guide hosted by Sean and Chica from Sprout TV on the importance of safety lessons for parents as well!

Let's Grow : Safety First is available right now on dvd and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!

Disclosure: We were given a copy of Let's Grow : Safety First free of charge, we were not compensated for this post in any other way. My opinions and comments on items we review are always my own and are never influenced by sponsors.

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