Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hasbro card games are great for family time!

We are headed on vacation next week to Chris's parents house on the Ozarks. It's almost a tradition that nights spent at the lake are dominated by movies and card games. Though I'm quite terrible at classic card games such as poker I can really get into the Hasbro card games as I grew up like most kids loving Uno!

Hasbro release three new card games this spring perfect for family vacation, game night, or just anytime you want to spend some real quality time with the family and friends!

Sorry! Revenge takes my childhood favorite game and turns it into a fun card game that everyone at your table will really enjoy. Sorry! was one of my favorite games as a child and this card game is a fast action version of the board game. The point is to get your pile of cards to 21 without going over. Once you hit 21 you get to move one of your pawns to home. The problem is there are those pesky Sorry! floating around and you can use them to steal each others wins! Easy to play, no reading skills required for the little ones, but being able to add fairly quickly is key. Good for 2 to 4 players which is a bit of negative if the whole family wants to play. You can pick up your own Sorry! Revenge on Amazon!

Mille Bornes is similar to Sorry! Revenge in the fact that your attempting to get a certain number to win. The point of the game is to get enough cards to equal 1000 (1000 miles).In your way are these nasty things called road hazards that other players can use against you, your car can break down, or you can even run out of gas! You need an even number of players either two, four or eight players to play. As well you will need a bit more reading skills as there are several types of hazard/gas/ect cards and addition skills are a must. They recommend this game for ages 8+ but I think a younger child with decent math/reading skills would be fine. You can pick up your own Mille Bornes on Amazon!

Yahtzee Hands Down reminds me a lot of the original Yahtzee game as its all about making combinations such as three of a kind, four of a kind, straits ect. I'll be upfront with you guys right now, these sort of games confuse me to no end and I have a feeling that's why I'm so terrible at poker. I'm fine with the whole three of a kind ideas but straits, full houses, and Yahtzee! just confuses me to no end. If your a poker player or love Yahtzee! this is a great way to introduce the idea to the younger players in your household. Great for players 8 and over and up to six players. You can pick up your own Yahtzee Hands Down on Amazon!

You can check out the rest of the Hasbro card game selection on their website!


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