Monday, June 14, 2010

Thomas and Barney on dvd and packed up for all your family vacations!

Hit Entertainment release two On The Go packs for two of their most popular characters.

Both the Thomas On The Go Pack and Barney On The Go Pack features three dvds in a really cute portable dvd carring case that has plenty of room to store more of your favorite dvds, video games, or music cds! I sent Connor off to his grandparents house this weekend with the Thomas The Train On The Go Pack along with the three dvds included in the set and an additional five of his favorite dvds and we still had plenty of room to add more.

The Barney On The Go Pack features three Barney dvds Red, Yellow and Blue!, Barney's Colorful World! Live! and Happy Mad Silly Mad. That is almost three hours of Barney fun! Red, Yellow and Blue! explores colors as Barney and his friends search for the three primary colors. As well a cool read along special feature is included in this dvd! Barney's Colorful World! Live! follows Barney and his friends as they travel around the world. This is the longest dvd in the pack at 60 minutes and includes a cool read along, 22 additional songs, and a feature that shows people and animals from around the world. Happy Mad Silly Sad explores emotions and manners. Along with this video you get two special feature dvd games and a read along as well!

The Thomas The Train On The Go Pack also includes three dvds in the pack. Hooray for Thomas, Trust Thomas, and Thomas, Percy, and the Dragon! The run time on all three dvds is about two hours and hands down our favorite dvd from the set is the Thomas, Percy and the Dragon dvd! Thomas has been making fun of Percy for being scared. Thomas ends up having to transport a Chinese Dragon to the festival and he gives Percy quite a start! Connor on the other hand is NOT scared of dragons, we actually have a collection of Dragon stuffed animals.

Both the Barney On the Go Pack and the Thomas the Train On The Go Pack are available right now and you can pick yours up on Amazon!

Disclosure: I was given a copy of Barney On The Go and Thomas On The Go free of charge, we were not compensated for this post in any other way. My opinions and comments on items we review are always my own and are never influenced by sponsors.


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