Friday, April 2, 2010

Dylan's first easter and his first easter dvd!

You see tons of holiday specials Christmas and even Thanksgiving but Easter dvd specials seem to be harder to find. I always felt like they were leaving the Easter Bunny out when I was a kid, as he is after all one of my favorite holiday traditions. Who doesn't love a bunny who brings you goodies and candy? Though Dylan will not remember his Easter basket this year, Connor is getting to the age that he will and having a good Easter special we can watch on dvd will just be part of our holiday tradition.

The First Easter Rabbit is a classic and though I won't openly admit to how old I am it was orginally released shortly before I was born, though before we got it on dvd I had totally forgotten about it. The little girl in the dvd gets a beloved plush rabbit for Christmas and wishes him to life thanks to a fairy godmother! Up till now there has been no Easter Bunny on duty in Easter Valley and Stuffy is about to fill that roll. The only problem is the big bad guy in the movie Zero wants nothing to do with Easter or Stuffy the new Easter bunny!

The First Easter Rabbit is a classic, in the same way Rudolph is at Christmas. If you've yet to see it or even if you grew up with it and want to share it with your kids, it's the perfect addition to your holiday dvd collection! The First Easter Rabbit is available right now on dvd and you can pick yours up on Amazon!


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