Friday, March 12, 2010

The ultimate baby swing for a very cranky Dylan.

 I feel bad I've not updated you guys more often on Dylan thus far, or even posted his birth story yet. Needless to say Dylan is three weeks old today and the poor little guy has had sort of a rough break since the beginning. From an awful reaction to the erythromycin eye drops given to him after birth, followed shortly there after with his brother giving him a yucky cold, which lead to a ear infection (which we are still battling), as well as a blocked tear duct and an awful case of baby acne. The last two were expected but it just seems like every week we add something to our list of things to make Dylan one very crabby boy. Not that I blame him mind you and I still wonder if some of this may, though I pray I'm wrong, be colic.

Graco however blessed us with one of the most awesome gifts we could think to recieve, they sent us the brand new redesigned Sweetpeace Newborn Swoothing Swing to try out! The original Sweetpeace swing came out shortly after Connor was born and it was the one thing that I always wanted for him desperately but never got a chance to even try out. At the time we lived in an even smaller house than the one we are in now, yeh I know that's hard to believe, and I thought the Sweetpeace may have been too large for our living room. Though not the largest swing we have seen it does not offer a fold up option for storage and with all the baby gear we had the first time around items folding was a huge plus. The main reason for that was at the time I tried not to have any more than one baby gadget in the living room at any given time, be it a bouncer, a vibrating chair, or the swing. What I found out shortly after receiving our Sweetpeace is in many ways this swing replaces all of the above.

The Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Swing is a "fully loaded" swing. Actually this swing has so many options that it puts our old portable swing to shame. The first thing I want to mention to budget wary parents is that though the Sweetpeace WILL run on batteries the one thing I noticed first off as a second time mom is that this swing comes with a power plug so you can use it without batteries. If you have ever had to buy batteries for baby gear you will know that a baby swing alone can cost you a small fortune in batteries especially if your child is like ours and wants to sit in it almost all day long. We invested heavily in rechargeable batteries for just this reason after we figured out this little fact with Connor but I still found myself charging those batteries several times a week. I will mention that the seat offers vibrations which only run on batteries so your not totally off the hook on the battery end but you come pretty close. As well this swing offers a few options that are just not standard with most baby swings including an options to hook up your mp3 player, as well as a storage drawer to protect your mp3 player when in use as well.

What really sets this swing apart is its unique swinging action as well as the amount of variety you can get out of this swing. The seat itself is detachable from the base and can be reattached in way you choose, basically you can spin the seat in any direction and depending on how you hook the seat back in will change the entire motion the baby experiences when in the swing. You can also remove the seat all together and move it around the house using it as a stand alone vibrating soother or floor rocker. As well the swing will accommodate Graco brand car seats so if you find yourself coming home from the store and the baby is asleep in his car seat you can just pop the carseat down into the swing's base and you do not even have to remove the baby! There has been many days I've come home from errands and wished I had a Graco carseat for just this reason alone! The feature Dylan likes the most about this swing though is the built in speakers and sounds. Actually the Sweetpeace has a pretty impressive sound system which comes with some pre-programed soothing songs and soothing sounds. Dylan so far prefers the rainfall sound but it does offer classical music and baby songs as well. My only complaint is the lowest setting seems just a tiny bit too loud for my taste but Dylan seems pleased. Though it has three recline settings I wish that you could recline the seat a bit more, at least for a newborn, otherwise though your baby will absolutely love the super super soft fabrics.

You can check out more on the Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Swing on the Graco website as well as the model Dylan got for review on the ToysRUs website!


Kelly V. said...

Congrats, Angela! We're so excited to hear an update and that you like the swing. We can't wait to hear more about how you both are doing :) Talk soon!

lfhpueblo said...

Wow, sounds like Graco has really made a great product here.
I hope Dylan gets over his ear infection quickly. Did your doctor offer you a prescription for Auralgan to help him with the ear pain. Believe me as a baby, kid, adult who has had more than my share of ear infections, the only thing that really helped me with the pain, for any amount of time was the prescription ear drops Auralgan.
I can see how sitting up or reclining back just a bit and having the vibrations could help with a colic tummy.
Hang in there, I'm sure he'll be better soon.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Awww.... such a sweet photo!

I miss the days when I needed a baby swing around this place.

Graco Comfortsport Convertible Car Seat said...

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