Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why buy a playmat, jumper, walker, and exersaucer when this exersaucer does it all?

When Connor was born we were on a extremely tight budget and so many of Connor's baby things came from generous donations from friends, family, and even perfect strangers from the hospital where I worked. I am so grateful for all their help, as honestly I'm not sure how we would have survived the first year without it, but I always felt a little left out as there were so many cool things I wanted to buy Connor that were just not in the budget. One of my best friends at the time had a baby just slightly older than Connor and they got quite possibly the coolest exersauser I've ever seen as a Christmas present and I remember very well just how jealous I was!

The exersauser I'm talking about is the Evenflo Triple Fun Active Learning Center. The Triple Fun Active Learning Center is no regular exersaucer... it converts from a baby play mat all the way up to an activity table for toddlers. This is also the one baby product I've actively recommended to all new parents as though it may be priced higher than a traditional exersaucer at around $120 but seeing as it can be used from 0-2yrs you really get a great value for your money, even for the more thrifty family budgets.

As a playmat you use the included mat and a base that the arch and two of the toys snaps into. This allows your baby to play with the hanging toys of the arch which by the way make some pretty cool sounds if you pull on them! Once your baby is old enough to hold its head up you can upgrade to the full exersaucer experience. If you've never used an exersaucer it basically combines a walker with a jumper and allows your baby to spin, bounce, and move about without being mobile around the house. The Triple Fun Learning Center offers the most toys I've ever seen on an exersaucer, 11 in total, which allows for endless amounts of play. If you feel the need to get some new toys all of Evenflo's toys snap in and out of their exersaucers which also allows you to interchange them or even purchase additional toys. Once your child is walking you can open the exersaucer up and it becomes a two sided play table for them to explore. Connor absolutely loved the musical components of the older version of this exersaucer (the pond version) and I have a feeling he will be all over this one as well as soon as we put it out for the new baby as there are some really great musical toys on this one as well. My personal favorite is the lizard which sings a pretty catchy color song (and lights up) which I have a feeling will get stuck in my head quite often!

You can see all the options that the Evenflo Triple Fun Active Learning Center Exersaucer has to offer on the Evenflo website or even pick up one for yourself on Amazon!


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