Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tom and Jerry... at the same pace as my three year old.

It's painfully obvious every day that Connor is turning three soon... and by soon I mean at the speed of light. Everything he does these days seems to be way too fast, and way too action packed. From jumping off my sofa playing super hero, to the rate at which he's making leaps and bounds in his vocabulary, I'm having a hard time just keeping up with him these days. Keeping him occupied is even harder he is like a wound up ball of energy and I'm dying for the weather to stay consitantly good so he can start burning some of it off outside. To make things worst I'm usually preoccupied with baby stuff and that only fuels his fire.

Tom and Jerry are great companions for Connor as they seem to move at the same pace as he does which means they keep his attention. The 1950's classics, leaving out the fact that Tom is for the most part attempting to eat Jerry on a regular basis, do not worry me about what he is watching on TV if Mommy needs a little time to think. After all, I watched this very cartoons growing up myself as did my parents and we all turned out ok! Actually Tom and Jerry is one of those cartoons that I still find entertaining to this day! Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases Volume Four includes fourteen Tom and Jerry cartoons with over one hour of playtime. Our favorites were the two duck episodes. In Little Quacker Jerry is attempting to help the baby duck find his way back to his mother but Tom keeps attempting to eat him for lunch. I know it sounds awful but every time Tom attempts to make a sandwich out Jerry or any of the other characters I somehow find that hilarious.

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