Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sprout and Hit Entertainment pair up for a DVD all about helping!

The new Let's Grow: Lend a Helping Hand dvd from Hit Entertainment is pretty unique as it also includes a special feature from Kelly and Chica, stars of the Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout TV! This entire dvd collection, five episodes all introduced by the Sprout gang and is all about helping! A skill my own son almost over cherishes as he wants to "help" me do almost everything if possible even sometimes to a fault.

Included on Lend a Helping Hand : Barney : Litterbot, Bob The Builder : Clean as a Whistle Bristle, Thomas and Friends : Dirty Work, Fireman Sam : Mother's Helper, and Angelina Ballerina : The Ballerina Rag Doll. Personally our favorite episode was the Fireman Sam : Mother's Helper. Norman is helping his mom do laundry, which just happens to be Connor's favorite chore and my least favorite chore, except there is a major problem. Norman gets in too much of a hurry to finish so he can go out and play and ends up breaking the washing machine. The whole situation goes from bad to worst when things get even more messed up while trying to make the repairs. In the end Fireman Sam has to come to the rescue. Now the question really is how exactly do I teach Connor to do the laundry all by himself? I do teach him to put his shirts on hangers but seeing as he is still only two for a few more weeks he only seems to get a few done before he gets too distracted to continue. heh.

Let's Grow: Lend a Helping Hand is available right now on DVD and you can pick yours up on Amazon!


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