Monday, January 11, 2010

Who says I can't be a skateboarder?

Ok, confession time. There is one thing I wanted to do SO badly when I was growing up and though I tried my little heart out and even have some scars to prove it, I could never master skateboarding. Jump tiny horses over things bigger than I am, no problem, but ride a board with wheels.. not happening. I did however spend an awful lot of time nursing wounds on all my guy friends who could actually skate, which I guess is good enough.

Thanks to Tony Hawk Ride I can now at least pretend I can skate. Ride is a really unique video game. Using a controller shaped like a skateboard you can now actually stand and "skate" your way through a Tony Hawk game. Though I can't particularly say its exactly like the real thing, certainly its far safer as if you loose your balance and fall off your Ride board vrs a real skateboard it certainly hurts a lot less. It is much easier to master though I still have problems with the tricks.

The game itself seems a little unimpressive compared to most Tony Hawk games. It's a bit more basic with smaller levels. I'm sure a lot of that had to do with programming the new Ride controller but it was a tiny bit disappointing. However, the fact that there is now a skateboard controller gives future games much more options and it's really exciting as to how the controller can be used for other games as well. All in all if I wasn't comparing the new Ride game to previous Tony Hawk games its an impressive design and the controller though a bit hard to master at first is really quite challenging. It's also a great game to add to your list if your looking for a workout as it will keep you quite active.

I almost hate to say this but if your kids are begging for a skateboard and your still not so sure that its a great idea it's also a great alternative. Especially for the cold rainy days we've been having lately!

Tony Hawk's Ride is available right now and you can pick up yours on Amazon!

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Sky said...

My 10 year old really wants this game!!

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