Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So where did the domain go?

Hmm.. good question people. Last night our domain was working perfectly.. and today.. nothing.

Turns out to make a long story short I registered our domain through Google which then registers the domain from GoDaddy. GoDaddy tried their best to help me but when Google regsters a domain through GoDaddy you do not get the customer # or pin associated with your account (that I have been able to find anywhere). For those of you that are not blogger savvy or don't know this.. as I did not up till tonight what they don't tell you when you set up a domain through Google is they also set up you a dashboard like you would get with a typical domain registery. Needless to say it has its own email address and such where error messages go to. Just a little hint for all you mommy bloggers out there.

So needless to say I had the domain registered through Google Apps since the beginning and though all my other domains renewed with no problems this time around for some odd reason this one did not. Nor was it ever even attempted to be renewed (via a Google Apps rep and my credit card company) so it just lapsed which allowed another marketing firm to purchase it. So to make a long story short I'm still attempting to clean this mess up if at all possible and in the meantime the domain will not work. Hopefully, cross your fingers, we can retrieve it and get it back online here shortly if not we will be forced to rebrand and change our domain which is a huge pain in my butt seeing as I'm due to have this baby any second now.

If we are forced to rebrand anyone have any recommendations for someone who can make us new fabulous logos pronto? :)

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Diane said...

How horribly frustrating! I can't even imagine. Fortunately you were able to let your subscribers know. Hope everything sorts out smoothly for you! And can't wait to learn all about your new little one after the big arrival!

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