Saturday, January 9, 2010

The final chapter on the boy with no belly button.

You know when I did the review of the second season of Kyle XY I really honestly thought I would hate this series but shortly into the first two episodes I was totally hooked. Kyle XY seemed like just one of those teen centric dramas that would lack substance but it's really not so. I loved it so much I promptly went out and rented the first season and watched that before I could finish the review.

Kyle is no normal teenager. The fact that he has no belly button and insists on sleeping in a bath tub should be your first hint that maybe something is a little off. It's his remarkable abilities that really get you and the mystery involving his past and where he came from not to mention who his parents might be. Is he an alien, is he some sort of genetic experiment, is he just a highly evolved human? The whole point of this series is trying to find out these answers.

The only issue with Kyle XY The Final Season is the fact that this is season THREE and the producers were not exactly ready to end the series so fast so things seem a little rushed as ABC decided to end the series early. What really upsets me about this is it seems like every time I really honestly get hooked on a series that's a little different from the norm you see on TV (which is usually why I get hooked in the first place) they tend to pull the plug in response for putting some garbage on the air about over sexed teenagers or some stupid reality show. Sorry, I just can't help to be a little angry about the whole thing

Regardless if your a new Kyle XY fan, or if you want a series that's something new all three seasons of Kyle XY are really quite excellent. Sure there is some teen drama included but its not the ridiculous sex driven stuff you see constantly on tv. Though I feel they ended the series WAY too soon the new Kyle XY The Final Season does its very best to wrap up all the loose ends. Including a special feature that reveals what the producers would have written for the upcoming episodes of Kyle XY if it had not have been canceled which made me so happy I squealed. Nothing is worst than series that end early and you never really get to see what WOULD have happened if they would have continued along their natural paths.

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