Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saturday mornings the way I remember them.

Growing up Saturday meant one thing and one thing only. CARTOONS!!! I remember waking up early just so I could watch a few extra hours. You know I honestly don't even know if kids still do such things? Regardless I can finally share the cartoons I grew up watching with Connor and the new baby when he gets here.Warner Brothers just released two new Saturday Morning Cartoon dvd collections the Saturday Morning Cartoons 1970s Volume 2 and Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 2!

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 2 brought back some very familiar faces from when I was a child, even though I grew up in the 70s and 80s. Regardless many of the cartoons were very familiar and there were a few that were new to me. Just a few of the included shows are Johnny Cypher, Porky Pig, Aquaman, Flinstones, Jetsons, Tom and Jerry, Space Ghost & quite a few more!

The Jetsons was always one of my favorite childhood cartoons as well as the Flinstones. Space Ghost was never on my radar as a child but as an adult its still one of my favorites. Zorak is still one of my all time cartoon characters to date. Connor on the other hand really enjoys Tom & Jerry which sends him into fits of giggles every time. What I really forgot about 1960s cartoons is just how hilarious the villeins are.. seriously I think to make up for the fact that the villeins were not really that "evil" they made up for it in some of the best evil laughter ever. Actually if I had to pick one of the two dvds released this is by far my favorite as it's really hard to beat the episodes and shows included.

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1970s Volume 2 is seriously a blast from my past. These are the shows that were on every Saturday morning when I was Connor's age and older. Yogi, Batman, Tom and Jerry, Sea Lab 2020 and of course The Banana Splits. Though there is a lot that the 60s and 70s had in common there seems to be much more of a switch towards the Hanna Barbara more serious super hero in the 70s that never did keep my interest compared to the characters from the 60s. Actually I almost hate to admit this but I barely remember Shazzan,New Adventures of Gilligan and Valley of the Dinosaurs. I did really enjoy the Tom and Jerry episodes included and the jewel of this dvd is The Banana Splits Adventure Hour seriously if you have never seen them they are hilarious plus who didn't love the mini series Danger Island which was apart of their show. Just a few of the included shows are Sea Lab 2020, Shazzan, Yogi's Gang, Banana Splits, New Adventures of Batman and Robin and quite a few more!

Regardless if your looking to add to your own cartoon collection or introduce your own children to some great cartoons both Saturday Morning Cartoons 1970s Volume 2 and Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 2 are both great choices. You can pick them both up right now on Amazon as well!


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