Friday, September 11, 2009

Have you never tried a flexible sole toddler shoe?

I've heard from many mom's who have never put their children in flexible soled shoes that the big reason for this is that they are concerned that their children would not have enough traction, or protection. Though I've always tried to convince them otherwise, Stride Rite's Natural Motion System will please any mom. At first look the Stride Rite Natural Motion System does not even appear to be a flexible soled shoe. With thick soles, deep grooves, and everything you'd expect to see in a adult tennis shoe, I had to pick them up and squeeze them for myself to even believe they were flexible! I would really recommend these shoes for toddlers and children who are always on the go outside as they provide as much protection as a traditional soled shoe but with the benefits of a flexible sole that is so important to children's growing feet.

We tried out a pair of the Stride Rite Natural Motion Concorde sneakers and I was really impressed at how much padding they had but still retained their flexible nature. Connor really seemed to enjoy running around full blast outside and they really helped him keep his traction while climbing up and down our outdoor play toys. I was really quite surprised at how incredibly light they are as well! Connor also really enjoyed the Velcro as he loves to put his own shoes on by himself, though I personally wish he asked for help more often as he is growing up just WAY too fast!

The newest product Stride Rite has to offer is the new Sensory Response Technology shoes. These shoes are the result of tons of research and are really quite cool. The soles of the shoes have these little bumps on them called sensory pods. Each of these little pods reacts with your child's feet allowing them to really feel the ground below them. The soles are also super flexible and hourglass shaped so little feet can bend and flex the way they are supposed to, not to mention are shaped just right for little feet
You can check out the entire line of Stride Rite shoes on their website. Make sure you check out their step system as well. There are three "types" of Stride Rite shoes in the step system, which basically describes the three sole types available on their shoes. You can choose not only a really cute pair of shoes, but what type of soles you'd like your shoes to have as well!


Leane said...

That is a great looking shoe. Nice review. I love that they are focused on a more custom shoe for a child.

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

These look cute. I pretty much never met a kid's shoe I didn't like, so far!

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