Thursday, June 4, 2009

Save a last kiss for me!

Chris rolled his eyes when The Last Kiss showed up at our doorstep. Mumbling something about not another sappy girl movie about love that will end up leaving me cursing him under my breath and sobbing uncontrollably on the couch. So sue me... I'll admit I'm a total sucker when it comes to a good love story and even more of a sucker for a movie about an "impossible" love that some sort of barrier has to be overcome. I'm even one of those girls who will get mad at their partner over something a guy does in a movie to another girl. The Last Kiss really does not fall under any of those categories.

The Last Kiss follows Michael, a 30 year old, who is facing that crossroad that we all face at some point. Grow up, get married, settle into life, or hold onto that dream of being crazy and free your who life. Wait.. before I go any further... 30? Ok, possibly this is a pet peeve of mine but 30? When did 30 become the new 25.. or 21 for that matter? I know so many "kids" well into their late 20s who still under some weird assumption think they are still 19 and act somewhere around 15. I'm not saying everyone should do what I did in life and move out at 17, get a job, and get married. That's a whole other story for you guys but lets just say it didn't exactly work out the way I had always planned. Not that I regret any, or at least most, of my decisions.. that was my life journey and its made me who I am and made me very passionate about the things I love, especially my beautiful son. However, when I got this movie in the mail and popped it into my dvd player this is not at all what I expected.

The Last Kiss is really a story about faithfulness, fear of commitment, and really accepting life's responsibilities. Michael is the classic "still dreaming about college" 30 year old asshole (sorry can't help myself) who can't seem to grasp the idea that commitment is easily the least scary thing of all. Pregnancy, marriage, kids, a commited relationship, sorry guys and all those of you that live in your parent's basement and talk about the good old days. You have not even remotely lived the "good old days" until you've had five minutes with a two year old. Mine goes from intense moments of joy to intense moments of me wanting to rip his head off. It's sort of like all those high school parties you talk about so often except we relive the whole amazing parts and the parts where someone got in to fight with someone about every five minutes. So excuse me If I'm endlessly aggravated with this movie as I think it caught a nerve. Basically his girlfriend gets pregnant, he meets up with a hot chick from college, and he is torn making the decision which way to go.

Really though the fact that it riled me up so much really has to give Zach Braff (aka Micahel) some credit. I absolutely loved his character on Scrubs so to see him as sort of a jerk is really mildly upsetting. Though ironically he had the same issues on the show just with more of a funny twist. And yes... if you ask any of my old friends I'll be the first to admit that I reminiense of the days when I was cool, snuck ducks into hotel rooms, and dated musicians any day. Would I trade my current life for any of that? Hell no. I actually kick myself for not getting my butt in gear sooner and honestly that just makes me want to slap the main characters of this movie even worst.

The final vertict? The Last Kiss made me laugh, Zach Braff is undeniably insanely sexy in that geeky sort of way which irnocially is just my type, I understand the pull of both lifestyles and I was there at one point, and other than wanting to kill him half the movie its actually a really good movie. Hence my ranting.. heh. I watched the move in bluray and though there are no special effects to really oogle at, and the scenery is nice but nothing amazing, the color is crisp. The thing that really stood out to me on bluray is just how amazing the already amazing soundtrack sounded. Even if your not interested in the movie you really should take a look at the soundtrack. Overall though its just not one of those movies thats overly impressive in bluray but after getting used to watching movies in bluray I'm always disappointed seeing them any other way as you notice the differences in the picture and sound quality right away without it. As for the extra features there are some pretty good deleted scenes to check out, a hilarious gag reel, a music video, and some commentary which I didn't check out.

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