Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is totally unbelievable.

For some reason I was convinced that "scooters" were purely for older children. Over Easter, however, my entire opinion changed when I watched my three year old cousin and Connor operate a "big boy" scooter pretty well. Mind you it was way too tall for them and they were not exactly masters but it was certainly possible. You know up till I started this blog I would have never even considered a bike or a scooter for anyone under five. I've totally been proven wrong on the bike aspect with all the amazing new balance bikes out on the market so why not scooters?

Radio Flyer sent over their My First Scooter for Connor to try out and wow talk about being mobile at an early age. Connor is just now two and he still has issues with tricycles and balance bikes purely from the fact that his legs are so short... but this thing really has no limit as he can easily reach the handles and the extra wide base makes it super stable for his little legs and feet.

The Radio Flyer My First Scooter is not exactly like big boy scooters. It features a rather large base so even wobbly kids can easily get their feet on and off the scooter. Totally a great feature for the accident prone types like this family. heh. Instead of one wheel in the front it has two which adds to the stability. Connor has no clue how to stear it, though thats a common issue as he cannot stear his tricycle or moterized ride on either but he compensates by just stepping off and changing directions. The handle bars are appropriately sized for his little hands and are around two feet tall so he can reach with no issues either.

I'm really quite surprised how durable it is. Though I'm not sure what the maxium weight capacity is its built for a two to five year old but It can easily handle a larger kid if they don't mind the short handle bars. My favorite part about the entire scooter though is the fact that it folds up for storage or travel. Coming from a household that has limited storage space the fact that I can just fold it down and hang it on the peg board in the storage room is truely a dream come true... now if we can only talk about having all those other outdoor toys adding that feature life would be good. heh.

You can learn more about the Radio Flyer My First Scooter on it's website or purchase your own on Amazon!

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Anonymous said...

This is the one Sophia tried at the store and BEGS me for every time she sees it. Truely a fantastic scooter. She's not getting it till July though, this is her birthday present. PS Did you see I got a Watermelon slushie at sonic? I thought of you! Those things are INCREDIBLE. Took a pic for ya. :)

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