Thursday, April 9, 2009

Absolutely fabulous!

I've been so busy this spring thus far that I've really had no time to sit and think about the movies that I absolutely had to see or even paid any attention to movie previews of whats coming out, which if you ask me seeing as I do movie reviews is sort of fun as I am always surprised. With one exception. When the previews for Bedtime Stories started showing up on the tv for the dvd release they stopped me in my tracks. I'm a huge Adam Sandler fan, something about his ability to tap into his childhood and not hide it gives me comfort in the fact that I still squeal like a little girl over toys and perfer children's books to adults. Not to mention that my current job, ahem, sort of encourages that sort of behavior.

Now imagine my disappointment when I realized that the one movie I've been waiting for all summer I just happened to pass up the review notice for, totally by accident. I actually got all excited, popped pop corn, and sat down to watch the movie and realized, it wasn't in my stack. Heh. Thankfully I was forgiven and it arrived shortly after and let me tell you people this is one movie you MUST see with or without your kids regardless if you love Adam Sandler or not. I actually let Connor stay up two hours past his bedtime, set him up with a huge bucket of marshemello popcorn, and even dragged his beloved purple chair out into the living room for this event and even though its not animated we watched the entire movie together. I already know as I stick the movie back on the shelf we will be re watching this one very often. With that said let me stop gushing and get to the review.

Bedtime Stories follows Skeeter, who's father once owned the hotel he currently works in and grew up in. His dad was not exactly the best businessman ever and ended up selling his hotel to a big hotel chain who's founder promised that when Skeeter grew up he could run the hotel. Thus far Skeeter has just been the maintenance man living in the same room he lived in as a child. So when the hotel is due to get an upgrade and a new manager he is sure that this is his chance finally. Wrong, Skeeter learns that Kendell the snooty boyfriend to the hotel owner will be the new manager. All the while Skeeter's sister is going through hard times of her own getting laid off at work and having to find a new teaching job in another state. Skeeter is left watching his sister's kids the whole week which at first seems like another notch in Skeeter's bad luck belt.

What Skeeter is not prepared for is what happens the day after he spends the night with the kids. It seems that for some reason the bedtime stories he makes up with his niece and nephew seem to be coming true in his life. From raining gumballs, to him finally getting the chance he has been waiting for a shot at running the hotel it all seems a bit like a fairy tale. After all fairy tales always have happy endings right? For anyone who said that its all a bit unbelievable and even a little outrageous, stop right there, this is after all about children's bedtime stories and last I checked going to sleep anything and everything can happen in your imagination. I find it all rather comforting that the movie really allows kids to think like kids. Hey if you want it to rain gumballs in your story, it is your story. So many kids I know are so grown up too fast, and from a little girl who believed in unicorns and gnomes till she was *cough* 12 (ok I still like to believe they are real) I'm just totally in love with the idea.

We got to watch Bedtime Stories on bluray and regardless if you have a bluray player or not its a really smart investment to buy the Bedtime Stories blueray combo pack. The combo pack comes with the full blueray edition as well as a standard edition that will play in any dvd player and even a digital copy so you can take Bedtime Stories anywhere you wish. Personally I love it as we watch most of our movies on our bluray player in the living room but I'm always a little heartbroken that I can't play them in our portable dvd player on trips. This way we have a copy for the house and a copy for the road. If you ever plan on buying a bluray player, and you should, in the future it saves you from having to buy an extra copy later.

The bluray edition also comes with bunch of extras including a fun extra that gives you some more insight into the real star of the movie Bugsy a crazy looking guinea pig that seems to be the comedic relief of the movie, like you need any. Some cool looks at the special effects and of course the amazing picture quality that you get on bluray. Actually its one of the best non animated bluray movies I've seen as the movie really is really quite colorful.

Bedtime Stories
is available right now and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!

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Leane said...

GREAT review!! I could picture you and cute little connor glued to the screen with your snacks! I would love to see this!! My son is just a little younger than connor, but I bet he will love it too!

PS: Happy B-day Connor! Best wishes Angela, I know it must be shocking how fast he is growing up!

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