Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Have you checked your dates lately?

We always have a tube of Neosporin in the house. I keep one in my kitchen drawer and one in the bathroom in our nifty band aid box. If I was not already accident prone enough now that I have a insane toddler under foot its not uncommon for us to be hunting wound care daily. What I never though to do was check the expiration date on our Neosporin tubes! Have you checked your tubes lately? The good folks at Neosporin say that 40% of households have out of date topical antibotic in their house, good grief your not kidding. I thought to myself there is no way my tubes are out of date, or are they? Needless to say when I did my tube check I was horrified to see the expiration dates on our neosporin! The tube in the kitchen had an expiration date of 2002 and the tube in the bathroom was only slightly better at 2004!! I can't even remeber what I was doing in 2004, obviously not thinking about my topical antibotics.

That's ok, no one's arms have turned green and fallen off yet but we did dispose of the evidence before anyone noticed and got some new Neosporin products! What is really exciting is Neosporin comes in a new portable spray on version! The newest edition to the Neosporin family is their new Neo to Go which comes in a spray container that fits easily in the smallest of purses. As often as Connor falls down I can't even tell you how awesome it is as if we skin our knee at the park even if we don't have any band aids in site we can just spray the "boo boo" and not only does the new Neo To Go protect the wound but it also has a pain reliever to help calm the baby tears. I'm pretty excited if you can't tell.

Have you checked your medicine cabniet today? On behalf of Neosporin and Mom Central we'd love to hear if you found something out of date!


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