Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ace Ventural without the Ace?

We are huge Jim Carrey fans around here there is just something about his quirky humor that really is unmatched anywhere else that draws you in. I absolutely loved his Ace Ventura movies so when I saw that there was a new pet detective on the prowl I was a little concerned about this intruder.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr is the newest installment in the Ace Ventura saga and though this is not the super high big budget Jim Carrey Ace Ventura you might have you heart set on I have to say we're digging it! Ace Ventura Jr is the son of the now "lost" Ace Ventura. Poor Ace got sucked up in the Bermuda Triangle and has not been heard of so his son Ace Ventura Jr. is left to carry on his father's pet detective business.

Josh Flitter, the actor playing Ace Ventura Jr, is absolutely full of himself in the movie. Full of energy, quick to the punch line, but it feels a little like he is trying to play Jim Carrey than play himself. Kids however will totally love his big attitude and funky gear. The mission is to find a stolen baby panda and get his mom, who is accused of the crime, off the hook. Simple for a Ventura eh? Throw in the lovely if slightly geek gizmo wizz Laura and you have yourself a party.

I actually went into the review rolling my eyes thinking oh no not another spin off but I found myself giggling at the punch lines and routing for the tiny Ace Ventura look alike. Kids will absolutely love it and parents will love it as I think most of us by now have seen Ace Ventura and it is actually a continuation on the story. Plus its kind of fun to see the kid version of Carrey and I think kids who saw and loved the adult series will really enjoy the fact that this one is made just for them. This all coming from a girl who grew up totally loving Jim Carrey.

Ace Ventura Pet Dective Jr is available right now and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!


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