Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My favorite cat and mouse game.

Tom and Jerry was a staple of my childhood, I can't even tell you how many times I've seen Tom attempt to eat Jerry. Heh. The new Tom and Jerry Tales is basically the same cartoon with a softer edge made for today's kids. Though I have reviewed past releases of Tom and Jerry something that I don't quite get is why on earth they had to make it more "child" friendly.. heh.. after all have you seen some of the cartoons these days? A cat trying to eat a mouse doesn't at all seem as bad compared to some of the alternatives and as much as I love them I wouldn't even put Tom and Jerry (the original) in the same class of violence as the standard super hero cartoon.

Regardless Tom and Jerry have not changed that much since I was a kid. The newest Tom and Jerry tales still has the same type of humor, crazy antics, just not so much of the whole wanting to eat the mouse thing. The series has also seen a bit of a modern revival with episodes like DJ Jerry. Personally my favorite episode on this dvd was Babysitting Blues, call it my mom radar. Jerry has his adorable nephew Nibbles over who is as cute as the name suggests. Something about this tiny baby mouse in a huge diaper makes you want to scoop him up and kiss him. The only issue is Jerry is babysitting his own nephew a huge kitten and trouble breaks out.

Needless to say its not exactly the same episodes you saw as a kid but the humor is still there and the appeal is as well. Who knows maybe its actually a good thing that no one is planning on eating Jerry. I just wonder what that means for the house mouse populations everywhere.

Tom and Jerry Tales Volume Six
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