Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You had me at hello!

I live in a whole community of beer drinkers. All of my friends and family members are beer lovers and what does a girl who loves wine and for the most part thinks beer smells and tastes rotten do with a fancy meal or a party? Well the hope is that I can convince my otherwise beer loving friends that wine is indeed cool and quite tasty to boot.

Jaqk Wines however have one thing that the previous wines I've attempted to get my guy pal's attention than my previous attempts Jaqk wines are as beautiful as they are tasty. Regardless of the crowd your looking to impress the incredibly gorgeous and classy labels that Jaqk wine's sport will get anyone's attentions. Forget centerpieces who needs them when they are staring at a bottle of Black Clover on the table. Regardless if your a red wine drinker or not you cannot deny that the bottle peaks your interest. Personally Black Clover had me at hello, its mysterious black label and rich red tone screams delicious Merlot and I am certainly not a girl that can turn that down as this wine speaks my language. I couldn't decide if I wanted to savor looking at it or drink it right on the spot. Actually if your not a wine drinker and you want to start out a Merlot is the perfect starting point. Merlots are often found as a table wine in southern France as its a great smooth red that goes well with almost any meal. Jaqk's Black Clover is amazing with just a hint of fruitiness its not overwhelming and though I'm no wine expert I'm positive it will wow your dinner party from the moment you put it on the table. At around $48 a bottle its not an every day wine for most of us but for those special occasions or even Valentine's Day its well worth it and you will find yourself having a hard time parting with the bottle after your done.

If your a white wine lover Pearl Handle may be just the thing. Usually for some odd reason I associate white wines as a woman's wine but Pearl Handle will attract everyone to the table. Pearl Handle was inspired by the wild west and its label gives you the feeling that you've brought a little of those salons home with you. Even though it was named for the wild west salons this wine is anything but rough around the edges. Pearl Handle is smooth, romantic, and dare I say a little on the sexy side? It would be the perfect partner to a surprise romantic dinner at home and is classy enough to make itself right at home at your most important events and parties.

Jaqk's wine collection is well worth a look if your a seasoned wine drinker or if your just looking to something to really wow your guests or loved ones. From what I've seen thus far I'm anxious to try them all myself!

Visit Jaqk Cellars to lpurchase the wine directly from their website or even buy a gift box for someone you love for Valentines Day!

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FawnGeorge said...

Thankyou for the information on Jaqk wines. I was doing a survey the other day and it asked what wines I drink. Jaqk wines was on the list and it made me curious. Now I know that I really want to try it. Thanks again.


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