Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Without a paddle is a proper name.

Ugg.. If last month's movies started out with a bang this month thus far has really left me feeling a bit glum. Without a Paddle : Nature's Calling had some promise. I mean the storyline looked good as I really enjoy ridiculous comedy's with Christmas Vacation and Tropic Thunder being two of my all time "stupid" favorites. When I started watching Without a Paddle : Nature's Calling my heart was just not into it. I should say right out that the entire Without a Paddle series should be taken with a grain of salt. There will be no award winning performances and I can't say that the CGI enhanced squirrels are the best I have ever seen... but like many movies in this comedy genre it just is not supposed to wow you with its movie qualities. Take a page out of the Beavis and Butthead book of life, sometimes even the stupidest things are really a joy. Two half naked girls in a tree house, squirrels that just seem to be out for your life, three boys headed into the woods with no apparent way home, some over exaggerated accents. On the surface it seems it was written by a 12 year old boy while he snickered with his friends hidden in his closet so his mom wouldn't hear. You know, I think that's half the pleasure of it, once you let go of your logic and senses its actually kinda funny.

We are so hard up these days on amazing actors and well driven plots that sometimes we just loose track of our inner childish humor and you know when your incredibly stressed out its sometimes nice to let them out. I used to keep a sticker of my beloved Bevis and Butthead on my computer to remind me, needless to say that computer is far outdated and the sticker is long gone but don't ever repeat this but I did my junior year of high school bust into the principles office with my shirt pulled over my head screaming I need teepee for my bunghole. Needless to say the girl's bathroom was really actually out of toilet paper, and I swore I was going to get suspended but it was worth every second as I had the worst time not turning red after I did it from laughing. The funny thing is I saw his face tense up like he was about ot scream at me... and then he busted out into one of those gut wrenching belly laughs that I still crack up thinking about. You just got to let your hair down.

So needless to say though this review has been a bit amiss there is really nothing I can say about Without A Paddle : Nature's Calling. If your looking for a true comedy don't bother as it will disappoint you with its pointless jokes, random squirrel action, and badly delivered lines. If your looking to let your hair down and laugh like you were still in junior high school its absolutely 100% the movie for you. Needless to say its just what I needed to break down the stress of my first Anatomy exam of the semester and it was just the thing! Who knows maybe I'll go mad and become an lunatic enviormentalist and move into a tree house and name myself the earth mother while I have a sleepover with my half naked best friend. heh.

Without A Paddle : Nature's Calling is available right now on DVD and you can pick up yours on Amazon!

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Superdumb Supervillain said...

Hilarious. Probably funnier than the movie!

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