Saturday, January 17, 2009

Valentines Day... one of my favorite days of the year.

Valentine's Day holds pretty special meaning to me. I think every girl loves Valentines Day its just a matter of convincing the opposite sex that it is actually important.

I remember elementary school and making our little valentine boxes. I was so excited to see who would send me valentines but I always seemed to be a little disappointed as that's the fate of the girl who is always the "new" girl. Though over the years I've had my share of awesome Valentine's Days and not so great ones usually what makes or breaks a Valentine in my eyes is really the thought put into it. Possibly two of the best gifts I ever got growing up were from two male friends, not boyfriends, who really put some effort into picking out gifts for me. The first of which was a GIANT plush Elmo that my friend Joey to me, he stuffed it into a tiny tiny box and when I opened it it virtually jumped out at me. I screamed and then fell over laughing but still to this day I giggle every time I think about it. The most memorable however was a unicorn statue that my friend Charlie gave me... I wanted it SO bad but it was just one of those things I could have never bought for myself, on a whim he saved up the money and got it for me to put it out of my misery and it still sits on my bedside table today. The most impressive Valentines Day gift I ever got though was four dozen roses shortly after my sixteenth birthday delivered in a HUGE vase.. The whole arrangement almost as tall as I was, now that's a way to wow a girl.

The moral to this story is if your looking for a Valentines Day gift for a special person in your life it really makes no difference if its a $10 Elmo or a $200+ dollar flower arrangement what matters is the fact that you took the time to think of a gift that is perfect for the person your buying it for. Even just a handmade card and a handmade dinner can be just the right thing, just take the time to think about it. So with that said lets get this party started! I have some great Valentine's Day gift ideas and I tried to think a little outside the box as the perfect gift for your special someone might not be candy or jewelry though when it comes to girls you can never rule out the jewelry. heh.

So here they are full reviews will come during the upcoming week.

Dads :

  • Calisto Pro Phone - Have a work at home dad, or work at home mom? Or find yourself walking out of the house with the cordless phone and making it out of the driveway before you realize your not talking on your cell phone? heh. The Calisto may not be the type of thing you think about when it comes to Valentines Day but its a lifesaver for the parent on the go. The phone comes with a standard but tiny cordless phone and a bluetooth headset that works with the cordless phone or seamlessly works with your cellphone as well so if you walk out of the house with it no fear you can just switch over to your cell phone like nothing ever happened. Its brilliant I can't believe we never had one before now!!
  • Jaqk Wines - If wine could be considered sexy Jaqk wines certainly are so pretty you will hate to open them. If your looking to take a bottle to a party and really want to wow the crowd Jaqk's eye catching labels are something to behold and their Black Clover wine has a beautiful and masculine bottle followed by a full body that even the most refined wine lover can appreciate.
  • Simple Shoes - For the eco-conscious man on your list a pair of Carload Sneakers are as attractive and comfortable as they are earth friendly. Though they are made from recycled car tires, organic cottons, and other eco friendly bits you would never guess that they were ecofabulous from their cool fashion forward exterior. The pictures just do not do them justice.
Moms :
  • Spice Stack - Ok, I have to admit I really didn't consider adding a cooking/organizing item to my valentines day list. Something a simple as organizing your spice shelf in the cabinet seems boring but when you realize just how amazing this product really is and the amount of clutter it hides it will make you smile every time you open the cabinet. I only wish I had one or two more!
  • Avon Mark Fragrances - Fragrances are always top on my list of Valentines Day wishes. I think I honestly have an addiction to perfume. However I really do not like anything that smells like traditional perfumes. I prefer clean scents that are not overwhelming as I really just want to smell fresh and nice not like I've just stepped out of a department store perfume counter. Mark's line of fragrances are a refreshing treat that smell great if your just bumbing around the house or if you have a dinner party.
  • Liebling Designs - Jewelry is always a top pick for every woman's wish list but why buy her the same thing 10 of her friends will be wearing? Liebling creates handmade, modern, vintage inspired jewelry that will look as good today as they will 20 years from now and beyond. If your looking for something that will really set you apart you have to check them out.
  • Touchstone Crystal - Touchstone Crystal's jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and affordable to add to your jewelry wardrobe. The collection features Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls set in gorgeous sterling silver. Beautiful with a pair of jeans or with your little black dress. The best part is you can add "touchestones" to personalize your jewelry just for you. You can also buy "touchstones" to add to the pieces your gifting to add a special meaning for person your giving to.
  • Domaine Carneros Cuvée de la Pompadour Brut Rosé - Nothing is more romantic than the look of a rose wine, the pale red or pink coloring is the perfect accompaniment to your Valentine's Day meal, however usually they are just plainly to sweet for me. The Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé Cuvée is a sparkling rose wine and yes it does have more fruit tones than a red wine but this is a Brut! Until now I had no clue what a brut was... I've been a red wine drinker from the beginning and I prefer dry dry wines so coming across a brut rose gives me a whole new appreciation for sparkling wines. This particular wine has sort of a smooth dry strawberry feel to it. I may just have to add rose wines to my list after this one.
  • My Earth Too - If your looking for an ecofriendly item for any girl on your list the sleepwear over at My Earth Too is not only made of 100% organic cotton but its incredibly comfortable. My favorite item of clothing for lounging around the house is a pink My Earth Too sleep shirt. It reminds me a bit of those baggy huge XL tshirts girls love to wear to bed but its a bit tailored to give a more feminine look and its totally adorable. My Earth Too also carries clothing for kids, babies, and even dads!
  • Hoover - Platinum Collection - Stick Vac - I can honestly without 100% of a shadow of a doubt say for sure that I have never called a vacuum cleaner sexy but this one takes the cake. I've had a stick vacuum on my mind for some time now as though I have a pretty awesome vacuum cleaner it would not be a like to say that I hate cleaning. Dragging out my big vacuum cleaner is a hastle I just don't want to face daily and toddlers make messes hourly. The Platinum Collection Stick Vac is not only so light Connor could use it but its so pretty I don't mind looking at it every day in the living room. With that said I normally never recommend cleaning products as Valentines Day gifts as it sort of implys you want someone to clean, but this is one vacuum that even the ones that hate to vacuum will do a happy dance over!
Kids :
  • Boon Bug Pod - Boon's new Bug Pod is their adorable new addition to the Frog Pod legacy. Bug Pod attaches to the tile or wall above your bath tub and stores all of the bath toys in style. We have been using a Frog Pod for almost a year now and its high on my list of items I could not live without when it comes to kids. The body of the Bug Pod removes from the base which allows you to scoop and drain the toys right out of the bath water. I have to say I never thought there would be anything better than the Frog Pod but the Bug Pod is actually cuter!
  • Pediped Shoes - A new pair of shoes is always high on my wish list why should it not be for your kids? Pediped makes gorgeous and foot healthy shoes for babies to kindergartners. Best of all the Flex Collection includes one of the most unusual and useful features I have ever seen in preschool footwear - the flex system - an insert that allows you to actually adjust the shoe to your child.
  • Child to Cherish - With a vintage inspired feel the toys and gifts at Child to Cherish are a beautiful edition to any gift. The Buttermilk Farm crayon aprons are an elegant edition to any child's craft drawer. If your looking for a very special plush that may just end up being your child's most cherished friend Daisy Bunny is so soft you will not want to put her down.
  • Elmo Live - Elmo was supposed to be included in our holiday edition but he sadly made a detour when he met his demise by being run over by the UPS truck, no seriously it really happened. I'm almost glad it did as with the rush of the holiday season I wouldn't have had as much time to truly marvel at how amazing this toy is. Tickle Me Elmo has been a crowd pleaser for some time but Tickle me Elmo has NOTHING on Elmo Live. Elmo Live is one of the most interactive robotic toys I have ever scene and the price point is insanely low compared to what this guy does. He dances, he tells stories, he is totally interactive. Soemone pinch me now.
  • Kushies - Zolo - Kushies's toys have enchanted us from the moment we saw our beloved Stacrobats. Their unusual designs and eye catching colors leave you wanting more. The Fuzzi's a line of very odd looking clip on toys will leave any infant in a state of awe. Their unusual designs, bright colors, great textures, and unusual features are eye candy for adults and babies alike. You really just have to touch one to fully appreciate it.
The whole family :
  • Canvas on Demand - Want to make some instant art? Canvas on Demand allows you to transfer your most treasured pictures onto beautiful canvas art works. You can turn an ordinary picture into something that looks like a piece from an expensive gallery. You can choose between framed canvas pieces to stretched canvas like you would see in high end galleries. Personally black and white images on stretched canvas are our personal favorite!
  • Hallmark Card Studio - Love handmade greeting cards and want to make them for yourself? Hallmark Card Studio allows you to customize and print your own hallmark cards from home. No need to rush out last minute to pick up your valentines day cards you can just pick a design, customize it however you wish, and print from your home printer. I can't even tell you how much time and money it will save us, not to mention its additively fun.
  • Petz Series - No matter if you like dogs, cats, hamsters or even horses, the Petz series from Ubisoft will entertain the entire family. I'm obviously a dog person but my real love lies with horses and usually I'm not a huge fan of horse games but this one has me hooked!
Oooh I can't wait it will be a fun week! I also have a TON of giveaways planned for this week!!


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