Monday, January 26, 2009

I can only imagine snow at this point.

It's scheduled to be in the 70s this week in Alabama.. 70s in January?! Ahh oh now I love it but I do have to admit we miss the snow back home a little this time of year. I don't miss scraping my car every morning or my doors being frozen shut but making snow angels and snowmen.. sure we miss that! Actually what I miss most is how quiet and pretty it is when you wake up early in the morning and its snowing. It's like the whole world is standing still. I'm also a little sad by the fact that by this time in Illinois Connor would have gone sledding for the first time and he would have his own little puffy snowsuit. Ahh well.. at least I'm not scraping my windshield?

Next year I may just have to make a visit to snow and where better to go but skiing! Park City Mountain Resort is a family friendly ski resort located about 35 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport. With lodging and lift packages like the Extraordinary Family Adventure at $192 per person or the buy four nights get one free package deals its a very affordable ski trip for the whole family! Kids six and under ski free but I think it will be a few years before Connor wears his first ski boots but the Alpine Coaster may just be calling our name. The Alpine Coaster is just what it sounds like.. a roller coaster built into the side of the mountain, how cool is that?

Plan your own Park City Mountain Resort on the Park City Mountain Resort Website! Don't forget to check out all the package deals and season passes! Thanks Mom Central for letting us know!


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