Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have a hard time remebering if your coming or going?

Family life can be rough, even more so trying to keep up with everyone in the families appointments, birthdays, important dates, and such it can be downright impossible. I have a hard time keeping up with my own schedule much less everyone elses and forget birthdays almost without fail. I keep a planner but I even hate to admit that even with the planner last semester I totally blew off quite a few birthdays, a very important test at school, and several very important doctors appointments including one for my eyes which was of absolute importance. Blowing off the Anatomy test alone was almost a disaster as it almost cost me my grade in Anatomy as I came a little too close to failing the class all together due to the miss.

Can you imagine a spot online where every family member in your household can upload their schedules, track everyone's schedule, add items to your shopping list, and even send the information directly to the family's cell phones. How amazing is that? Events can be added manually or uploaded from your outlook spread sheet. This works both ways as you can upload your home schedule to your Outlook schedule as well. This is great for working parents as you can check your children's schedules from home and print off a shopping list before you ever leave work. Cozi also provides a place to share pictures and a journal which is great for the grandparents to participate as well.

I just need to take some time and upload my school schedules and appointments and who knows this semester may just run a bit smoother than last.

Visit Cozi to learn more and to watch the short instructional video that shows you everything Cozi can do for you! Thanks Mom Central for introducing us!


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