Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fireman Sam - Saves the Day!

Hit Entertainment produces some of our favorite shows including Bob the Builder, Pingu, and of course Thomas! Fireman Sam is one of their most recent edition and seeing as this is our second Fireman Sam review he is really becoming one of our favorites. Possibly that's because Fireman Sam is a stop animation guy after my own heart. I know I've mentioned it but if you didn't know Connor's daddy is a police officer and public service is big in this household. Though Fireman Sam may not be a police officer he certainly is out to help people in the same way Connor's daddy does every night and that's something I want Connor to be very aware of and proud to be apart of.

Ironically the newest Fireman Sam edition Save the Day! includes an episode that pretty much sealed the deal for me and my Fireman Sam love. In my favorite episode on Fireman Sam : Saves The Day little Norman decides he will be a fireman when he grows up, but no one believes he can do it. The reason no one belives him is Norman is a bit of a jokester and troublemaker in Pontypandy, the town Fireman Sam lives in.. doesn't it just sound funny, anyway for some reason Norman just reminds me of Connor. Norman decides the only way he will convince the towns people that he has what it takes to follow in Fireman Sam's footsteps is to do something really great. Rosa the cat gets stuck in a tree and Norman climbs up after her to help. Though his heart was in the right place Norman ends up getting stuck with Rosa in the tree and Fireman Sam has to rescue both of them. Regardless of if he was successful or not Norman's heart was in the right place and that's what counts. Just don't suggest this to Connor as we have a huge magnolia in our front yard which is perfect for climbing but I'm not so sure I'm ready to climb up there to retrieve him just yet.

Fireman Sam : Saves The Day is available right now on DVD and you can pick yours up on Amazon!


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