Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The ultimate green car!

Dreaming of an ecofriendly car? Well I am no expert on electric cars or hybrids though I too would love to have one. In the meantime however Connor has discovered his own personal favorite version of an ecofriendly car in Imagiplay's Push Along Hybrid Car.

The Imagiplay Push Along Hybrid Car is a super chunky sized wooden car that is built perfectly to interact and survive toddlers. Connor is really getting into cars lately and he loves his wooden cars but we have a problem where some cars are really still too big as he has a hard time maneuvering the larger cars quite yet and the super small cars I worry he will end up destroying as totally at no fault of his own he tends to get a little rough on the cars. Its not that he is being destructive with them, by no means, as he is super careful with his toys but its not uncommon for him to trip over them, lay on top of them, or even roll them off a shelf purely from complete klutziness of his growing body. The Imagiplay Push Along Hybrid Car however seems to be his perfect companion as of late.

The larger size, 5 inches by 4 inches, is perfect for Connor's not so nimble hands as its easy to grip and steer. The tires also have a rubber band built into the tire itself which protects my hardwood floors from scratches when Connor pushes it around the room no matter how hard he pushes the car rolls smoothly without any fear of gashes in the car or the floor. Not to mention I absolutely love how beautiful it is!

Like other Imagiplay toys the Push Along Hybrid Car is eco friendly as it's built from a fast growing sustainable rubber wood which gives this toy super durability and the warmth only wood can provide. Its colored in a darker green with natural stained tires and it looks as pretty sitting in my living room as it does waiting to be played with on Connor's shelf. Needless to say it spends more time in the living room than on the shelf but I'm working on getting Connor to clean up his toys.

If you love the car check out the other push along's from Imagiplay. You can get a duck, dog, cat and my personal favorite the fox! Go check out the Imagiplay website to see the entire line of Imagiplay toys as well as to purchase them online!


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