Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Those are some unique shoes you have there!

I had to giggle when I got the press release for U*neaks Shoes. They are absolutely adorable and believe me your kid will love them, but the reason I giggled? Well quite simply because they remind me of my favorite shoe of all time growing up. I can't even tell you what brand name they were but they were a pair of pink tennis shoes that had these little windows on the side which you could put inserts in. Mind you I lost my inserts the first month but I would take small pieces of paper and draw my own designs on them and then put them into my little shoe windows. I thought I was the coolest kid on earth and I still think fondly of those shoes. Well now you can share the same idea with your kids!

U*neaks do not have little windows with inserts that your kids will loose but they do have clear windows that lets you see into the inside of the shoe. I'm sure your thinking how exactly is that useful. Well depending on the socks your kids are wearing the whole look of the shoe changes. Not to mention that U*neaks also makes these great socks that are designed to work especially with your U*neaks sneakers and have designs just in the right places to show through the window. Each sock has a different design on each side so depending on what foot you wear your socks on the design that shows is different. Pretty cool eh? Though you could just wear colored socks or socks with designs that you already have and the idea would be the same as well.

Personally I'm in love with the U*neaks boys Camel Rev tennis shoes. They remind me of shoes that the skater boys wore when I was in school but are dressy enough that they would look great with a polo shirt and jeans. Pair them up with the Checkers/Camo socks for a dressier look or with the Skulls/Extreme Sports crew socks for a more edgy look. Either way every kid at school will want to know where you got the shoes! Not to mention they are great for parents on a limited budget as you don't have to buy six pairs of tennis shoes to get six different looks. I'm pretty excited about that!

Visit U*neaks to learn more about their shoes as well as pick up your own pair!


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