Friday, December 26, 2008

Soo many books so little time!

Ever feel totally overwhelmed by the selection of children's books at the local bookstore? I went to a local store a few days before Christmas determined to add a new board book to Connor's collection but seriously after just a few minutes I just couldn't decide. How do you find just the right book in a sea of books. I must have picked up thirty books but I just couldn't seem to find what I wanted.

Read Kiddo Read is a new book review service that allows you to get a real perspective on books you may already be interested in or find new books! Read Kiddo Read not only sorts the books by age range and book type, most of the reviews also offer an educational perspective on what can be learned from reading each of the books. I absolutely loved reading the reviews and gaining a new perspective on some books that have been on my wish list as well as learning about some new books.

My favorite part however, as silly as it may seem is the fact that each book review also offers a list of books that you may also like if you liked the book reviewed. We have several favorites and finding books similar is always a challenge. One of Connor's first favorites was No! David!, appropriately seeing as Connor reminds me so much of David at times. Always into everything, curious, sometimes a bit naughty, and always lovable as no matter how much he gets me worked up some days he always comes back and does something so irresistibly cute I just have to sit down and cover him with kisses. Its amazing how someone so small can invoke such big feelings and I think that the David books touch on that in a simple way. Needless to say Read Kiddo Read has fourteen other recommendations for books for us based on the fact that we love No! David! that I plan on checking out this week.

I'm going to keep watching Read Kiddo Read to read the new reviews as they come in and watch for some of our other favorite books to get even more recommendations! If you ever feel yourself a little stuck when it comes to book shopping check out Read Kiddo Read! Thanks Mother-Talk for letting us know!

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