Monday, December 29, 2008

My new years resolution!

My near years resolution this year is simple... looooooose weight. I think someone must have heard me because I have been totally inundated with work out videos. Now I just have to get myself to actually use them which will be the real challenge. Well the good news is I have some choices to get me motivated.. so here goes :

I've never done a fitness review before and I am certainly no fitness queen so bear with me on these following workout reviews. I'm just a mom with a post preggo belly who barely has time to sleep much less can build up the willpower to look like a fool in front of my TV for thirty minutes a day. Not to mention that my yoga tapes which I did use to enjoy somewhat trigger Connor into spats of insanity where he thinks that I am a human jungle gym in the midst of a downward dog. With the madness ever end?

Heh. With that said my first ever workout video review goes to the classic Buns of Steel and Abs of Steel. I actually remember watching the videos for Buns of Steel in late high school and I actually giggled every time I heard the phrase "Buns of Steel", I mean really do I really want my butt to feel rock hard like steel? No I think that honestly defeats the purpose of a soft rear end. However, would I want the butt of the girl on the cover of Buns of Steel or especially the stomach of Abs of Steel. Forget the butt all together give me that stomach workout gods, I'd give any one of my toes.. maybe even two toes for a stomach like that. Who needs toes anyways if your stomach looks like that, I'd seriously wear a workout bra to the mall if it even remotely looked like that.

So forget my insane rambling but I did give both dvds a try. I remember seeing these in the mid 90s and the leotards were a bit too much. I was so excited to see that the newest edition of Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel has no leotards to be seen. The girls got an upgrade in their wardrobe now they wear black workout pants and white camis or white workout bras which is far better as no offense ladies but the last thing I want to see while I'm working out is "camel toe".

The most exciting thing about the Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel is the fact that you do not need anything that you don't already have around your house to work out. A dining room chair, a bit of carpet, or a yoga mat is all you need to get started. There are also several different routines to work with on each dvd included a standing only routine, chair routine, modified routine, pilates based routine, and my personal favorite the yoga routines on both dvds. I'm sorry I think I'm slightly mentally defective when it comes to workout dvds. I have the hardest time keeping up with all those classic workout moves. Yoga is my one fortay that I completely understand, and can do! The Yoga routine on both dvds is fairly basic and short which is great for those quick impromptu nap workouts as the yoga routine is 10 minutes on both dvds. You could easily get through a 10 minute yoga and if you have a few more minutes you can sneak in a short five minute routine from one of the other categories as well if you want to step it up.

I have to say I was a bit surprised as this is the one set that I was least excited about as I really expected to see pink leotards and horrible 80s music. I can't say I terribly love the soundtrack on the current Abs of Steel or Buns of Steel but it is certainly much better than the original and its not annoying at all. The set is not at all distracting either as its all very neutral.

Now I wonder how long I have to keep this up to get a stomach like that? Seeing as I'm not sure I'm willing to give up sweets and soda, I'd say never but if I just loose half of the baby stomach flub I'd be pretty ecstatic.

Abs of Steel
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Unknown said...

When a teacher is looking over a class in motion, visual clutter needs to be at a minimum. Black leotards and pink tights are a good uniform landscape for the teacher.

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