Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last minute shopping to do?

Got some last minute shopping to do, but you need the best deals and your totally overwhelmed with your options? I hear ya girls, I know I've been prowling shops everywhere to find just the right gift for my dad for Christmas and even I am stumped. Its not so much I can't find a great gift but finding just what I want in my budget is the problem. Well I have a new solution for all my gift giving needs.

I've always heard of but up till now I've never used them when I'm looking to give a gift. I was recently turned on to them by Mom Central and boy did it come right at the best moment. is basically an all inclusive site that allows you to search a host of different online shops and purchase what you need in one shopping cart in one central location thus simplifying your shopping list and it really helps when your looking for the best deal. After all there are some 2,000 merchants in which you can buy from through which means you will have over 20 million products to pick from. That's awfully good odds of finding just what your looking for.

I still haven't found the perfect gift for my Daddy.. not because there was not enough options I just can't decide what I want to buy to be quite honest. I did however find a Le Creusant stock pan for almost 50% off that I absolutely have to have. If you need a little extra help finding the perfect christmas gift you can use's Christmas guide to help narrow down some options. I'm heading back over to right now to look at more gift options for dad right now.


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