Friday, December 26, 2008

I think its time for a new phone.

My poor Razor has been dying for months.. partially from Connor's obsessive love of talking on it and partially just from wear and tear on the battery as my power connector is not working so great anymore so the battery has started fade. Needless to say I get about 15 minutes of talk time now before it dies which is hardly useful as I can barely get to town and back without it dying.

I know when I get a new phone I'd really like it to be a smartphone. What do you ask is a smartphone? Well a smartphone is an extension of your computer in many ways. You can connect it to your home computer via a USB cable and transfer photos, music, and even some of your Microsoft office files. If you tend to take a ton of pictures with your cell phone you can also transfer them off easily directly to your computer. I have a few newborn photos of Connor on my cell phone that I would absolutely love to transfer off but its not nearly so simple with my current phone.

Smartphones are not just great for connecting easily to your computer. They also are fabulous for the mom on the go. Check your daily schedule, read some emails while your at a play date and even read and edit Microsoft word files.Personally my favorite feature is the easy web browser. While your waiting at the doctor's office you can knock out a blog post. Seeing as finding time to write blog posts is always challenging as I usually have a very active toddler attached to my leg any free time is valuable.

The Samsung Omnia is only one of the fabulous smartphones available. The Omnia features a 5 megapixel digital camera, the ability to listen to the radio, listen to mp3s, watch videos, and instant messaging are only a few of its capabilities. At a price of $199 it does everything your phone, ipod, and digital camera does at a price of just one!

If your interested in getting a smartphone just visit the Window's Mobile website to see a whole collection of smartphones sorted by carrier! Thanks Mom Central for letting us know!


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