Sunday, December 14, 2008

From custom cards to fabulous photo books and more.

I have to admit I've never finished Connor's baby book and I feel overwhelmingly guilty about that but I have made it a point that it is important to save memories and one of the ways I do that is to make Connor personalized photo books at least once a year though my goal is every six months. Regardless if its photo books, personalized cards, or even having your photos put on DVDs I know it can be confusing in choosing or even starting a personalized photo project.

HP Creative Studio helps take a little bit of that guess work out of making just the right personalized gift. It works sort of like a launching pad to finding just the right project and even shows you some examples of what you could create. Thus far I have made Connor four photo books and each time I find myself browsing through different options as there are several companies that you can use and what seems like endless options. I can honestly say that his books are never the same and some of them I like more than others. I wish I had known about HP Creative Studio before now as it would have made my search for the perfect photo book so much easier.

For Connor's book this time we browsed all the options at HP Creative Studio and ended up going with a Snapfish 8x11 Custom Cover Photo book. I love the fact that we could customize the cover with our own title and even the spine of the book. I write Connor's photo books as if they were a children's book and we keep them with his normal books so he can read about himself any time he wishes. Having the title on the spine makes them easier to find on the bookshelf and its a cute option. With finals at school and all the other obligations I have had lately I feel guilty saying that I only spent about thirty minutes making his book this time verses the normal 3-4 hours I have spent in the past. However, I could not be more thrilled with the results and you certainly could not tell that I didn't have the time to spend a whole day on it. Snapfish's online photo book creating tool was so easy to use and it allows you to customize everything from the layout of the pictures to your own captions, and even the background to the photos. You really can't go wrong.

Connor absolutely loves his new book. He will sit in my recliner and "read" me the book pointing at the pictures of himself and even the pictures of his daddy and saying "Daddy". Sadly as much as I ask him to he never points at pictures and says "Mommy" go figure. If he is anything like his Mommy he is just holding it over my head until I buy him a pony. Don't worry Dad, If your reading I know, oh I know, that all those years and money you spent on me and my horses will come back to bite me one day be it ponies or motorcycles or whatever Connor is into I can smell it coming already.

Go check out the HP Creative Studio and make something special for someone on your list. There is a project and idea for every price range and every gift idea. I highly recommend photo books for loved ones that live far away as well its really a special treat and its a much nicer way to give photos. Connor's great grandparents get one every Christmas as they live too far away to visit often and I hear that those books are the talk of the church Connor's great grandmother goes to.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! I will have to start working on them for my girls. I would love to put together a keepsake book.

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