Monday, December 1, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Arg as I'm sitting here stressing out over the finals I have this week I realized something, I haven't seen my video camera in days. Well the problem with that is is Connor loves to play with it and like my TIVO remote it has now gone missing. He has this issue with stealing things he likes (the Tivo remote, my Vado video camera...) and I suspect he puts them in the trash can when he is done as his other love is throwing things away. The Tivo remote has been missing for months and no sign of it yet.

The problem is that now I no longer have a video camera and I've taken very few videos of him growing up and my Vado was totally full of videos... all of which I've been too lazy to get off the camera lately. It makes me want to throw up, I mean if it was an issue of Connor recent slight of hand I can't necessary get mad at him he doesn't know. But seriously it makes me want to cry here in the middle of the floor. I kept holding out hope that it was underneath the seat of my car or somewhere I had not looked but I swear I've turned this house upside down and nothing.

The fact that I lost my beloved Vado is one thing but loosing those videos is almost unbearable.

*sigh* Anyone know any good treasure hunters I can hire to try to find my Vado? At least enjoy one of the three videos I did save from my Vado before it disappeared its a fabulous little device so tiny it fits in the cell phone compartment of my purse which is usually where it can be found before it went missing.

Can I just hit restart on this day?


Unknown said...

oh no! has the trash gone out yet? can you (eww) try and look through it?

Angela said...

Oh if it did get lost in the trash it would have happen weeks ago. I've noticed it missing for two weeks but I swore it was in my car.... needless to say when I went looking for it since the tree is up and I wanted to take a video.. its not. *grumble*

mverno said...

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