Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bring Robeez home for the holidays.

My first love in baby shoes has always been Robeez. Actually Robeez were our very first soft soled shoe in the form of a hand me down well loved, well worn, now retired blue puppy dog design. Connor wore those shoes a whole season and they really fueled my love of quality baby shoes as previously I had considered baby shoes really unnecessary as, quite simply, they never fit right.

I don't think I would feel right if we didn't have a pair of Robeez in our shoe wardrobe at all times. They just are one of the best all around shoes on the market and one of my first recommendation to parents who tell me that they can only afford one or two decent shoes per size range for their infants from the sheer fact that they wash beautifully and there is a good selection of styles where you can get something that really works for you. Connor's puppy pair had already lived through two children before they were ever handed down to Connor and they wore beautifully through many washings, being worn almost 24 hours a day as at the time they were our only shoes at the time, and still they look good enough that I packed them up again to be hopefully used for my next child as well or at least to be hand me down to a future niece or nephew.

No holiday outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes and Robeez always provides a great selection of holiday ready shoes to be worn during my favorite time of the year, the holiday season. Skating penguins in blue or pink, teddy bears opening presents in cream, angels on a pink background, elves on a brown background or beautiful little red mary janes are this year's selection of holiday styles. All of which you can pick up currently on sale for just $19.99 which is a deal as most of the styles especially my favorite the penguins can easily be used all winter long.

If your looking for a great holiday present check out all of the great holiday gift ideas including some limited edition gift sets that include some of the favorite styles of Robeez paired with a matching set of socks. Visit the Robeez website to see more styles as well as pick up your own pair of Robeez.

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Anonymous said...

I always felt good putting my daughters in Robeez! Plus, they are all so cute. It is hard to choose just one pair.

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