Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby shower anyone?

Ok, don't get your feathers ruffled I'm not pregnant. Hopefully next year but not yet. Heh. But I have a special cousin who is and I've been debating what to get her for her baby shower for weeks now. My own baby showers were fabulous but when it came to registering for gifts I thought I had it all planned out but quite frankly I didn't! Though many of the gifts I got were great so many of the items I registered for ended up being nothing like I expected and quite honestly the best gifts I got were the ones I totally did not expect like insane supply of diapers my friends at work got me and the diaper cake Connor's aunt Amber made for us.

No matter what people register for and no matter what the future mommy "wants" she may not realize it at the time but one of the best gifts you can possibly give a new mom is diapers. The real reason for this is not because it saves them money or because babies go through a ridiculous amount of diapers but purely from the fact that when your new baby is screaming its eyes out in the middle of the night and your tired, look like hell, and have had three hours of sleep in the last three days and to make matters worst you just realized that you have one diaper left and its 4am. This is the moment when you realize that huge stack of diapers you have in the closet that your friends who are already moms thoughtfully gave you is quite simply the best gift you have ever gotten. If I've never said it before, thank you to ever single person who gave us diapers those first few months.

The only problem with giving diapers as a gift is the fact that its just terribly unexciting to unwrap a gift box and find a package of diapers inside but what if you could not only give the gift of diapers but leave everyone at the shower talking about it for months. Diaper Cakewalk's selection of diaper cakes will do just that! Diaper cakes are not just about diapers, the diaper cakes over at Diaper Cakewalk feature an artfully made "cake" that looks a bit like a wedding cake made completely of diapers with fun little surprises hidden between the layers. Depending on your tastes you can get a diaper cake that features anything from plush animals, bath supplies, toys, pretty much any of the small essentials the new mom will need and lets not forget the diapers!

If you fancy making your own diaper cake but have no idea where to start, Diaper Cakewalk also sells diaper cake making kits which includes the premade cake for you to decorate any way you wish. Its a great idea for someone who wants to give a cake but has some personal items or touches they want to include. Diaper Cakewalk also sells an assortment of other new baby gifts so there is no need to rush over town to get everything you need for your shower gifts! There are also some really great non diaper gift baskets!

Visit Diaper Cakewalk and check out their entire selection of new baby gifts!

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Baby Shower said...

I agree just giving wrapped diapers just doesn't cut it. Diaper cakes come in so many styles and themes as well as they can be part of the baby shower instead of just a gift.

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