Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who should be the hero of the story?

Add ImageConnor loves books, but getting Connor to sit still long enough to actually read one with me is the hard part. Have you ever imagined opening a book only to see yourself? Connor is absolutely thrilled when we get out his Flatten Me books! Our first Flatten Me book featured his best friend in the whole world, our chihuahua Melos in a book called My Little Monster, that we did a review of awhile back. The problem with that book is Connor loves it a bit too much and gets a little excited and seeing as its a standard book I have to store it in his chest with his other books so he doesn't accidentally tear one of the pages. Connor has a special shelf however that is filled with board books for him to play with, his newest board book however is really something special.

Flatten Me is known for their colorful dreamlike books that feature your children as the stars of the show. You can pick from one of the six current titles, personalize it with a dedication, a choice in gender of the main character, customize the name of the main character, and of course upload your own custom picture. The rest is pure magic as the finished product is part book, part keepsake, and part magical as even kids who don't necessarily love books won't be able to take their eyes off of them!

The newest book however is something really special. The first board book in the collection, The Day That Came To Play, is designed just for babies and toddlers. cows in the clouds, flowers and rainbows, an elephant, it may not make a ton of sense to adults but the entire story is designed to intrigue babies. Connor absolutely loves to sit and "read" his book pointing and smiling at the animals, and telling me all about what he sees. I only wish I could actually understand what he was saying. The best part is, he can read it all he likes and I don't have to worry about him ripping the pages, spilling his sippy cup on it, or other toddler mishaps. You can check out the entire book over at the Flatten Me website!


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