Thursday, November 27, 2008

There is something furry on your back Connor!

Connor has a new favorite place to store his things though at their first meeting he was a little confused by the whole idea. heh.

Connor's new toddler backpack from Dante Beatrix is not only his favorite by far but it gets us a lot of attention when we are out in public. Its not uncommon for me to use a toddler sized backpack as a sort of a "diaper bag" if we are headed to the doctors office, to a party, or anywhere where I need a few extra goodies I will throw extra wipes, some back up diapers, toys, a few board books, and of course his sippy cup which all fit comfortably inside. Connor absolutely loves his backpack and will usually insist to wear it around the house if he sees it sitting out. People we see out in public seem to love it too as parents and kids can't resist asking to touch it, want to know more about it, or just point as from the side it looks a little bit like a plush animal with shoulder straps but on the front side you can see Dante Beatrix's signature looking animal design, in our case an adorable little furry squirrel.

Connor just loves to drag his bag around the house, pet its furry sides, and even helps to pack it. I discovered something about having a furry sided backpack that I absolutely love. Unlike a standard canvas bag the fur sides of the Dante Beatrix bag actually helps hide dirt. With trips to the zoo, playground, friends houses, and just the wear and tear of Connor attempting to "wear" it Connor's bags are just destined to get dirty at some point. Though to my surprise that fur not only looks cut but it hides daily wear and tear as I end up cleaning this one a third as much as I clean Connor's other bags. This makes the Dante Beatrix Little Kid Furry Backpacks our first choice anytime we are leaving the house.

You really have to go check out the new Dante Beatrix Little Kid Furry Backpacks but if fur is not your thing you can also check out the classic Little Kid Backpack too! You can see more of Dante Beatrix's collection on their website you will find yourself having a hard time choosing a favorite!


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