Sunday, November 9, 2008

There is a glowing guy with a mask in my room.

I couldn't help to laugh when I saw the Nocturnimals over at Manhattan Toys. Connor's dad has a coworker awhile back that used to totally crack me up as he was terrified of raccoons. Mind you raccoons are one of our favorite animals and Connor's crib bedding actually made the cut as it has a little embroidered raccoon on it. I just couldn't understand how this huge man could be scared of such a small animal. His explanation to Connor's dad still makes me laugh. Basically it boiled down to he was scared of Raccoons as they are wearing "masks" and always have their hands in the air like they are casting magic spells. heh.

Well Connor loves his new raccoon pal regardless if he is wearing a mask or not. Connor is teething again and has been unusually crabby. This means he is not sleeping nearly as well as he usually does and it takes a little extra convening to even get him to stay in the bed. His Nocturnimals raccoon has been just the thing. The main reason he reminded me about the story of the guy who was scared of raccoons is this little raccoon does hide a magical secret in his hands. Just press his paw and his whole stomach lights up and gently changes between different colors. He's a great nightlight or just a little extra comfort at bedtime. He also features an automatic shut off timer but his paw has a little star on it so its pretty easy to find his hand even in a dark room to turn him back on if needed. If raccoons are not your thing there is an Nocturnimals Owl as well which would be glad to watch over your little ones at bedtime.

Check out the Nocturnimals over at Manhattan Toys!


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