Monday, November 10, 2008

A snuggly boo!

Halloween just passed and this little "boo" is nothing to be scared about. The Cuskiboo looks a little like one of those paper ghosts people make to hang in their trees around Halloween time but this little guy is not out to scare anyone! The Cuskiboo looks a little like across between a ghost and an elf with his soft bamboo almost blanket looking body and a round head with a long stocking cap the Cuskiboo may not have a proper face but that does not mean he is lacking at all in personality.

Babies do not see very well but their sense of touch and sense of smell are highly defined and smell may just be one of the most soothing senses to a baby. Connor was breast fed and though this may sound odd to people that do not breast feed one of the simpest ways to calm him down if he was upset and I was not able to feed him at that very second was for me to take one of my breast feeding pads out and put it somewhere near his face. He would immediately stop crying and turn towards the pad and begin sucking his pacifier. Actually I used the same trick to get him to sleep through the night. I always layed in bed to feed him and we usually layed on top of his blanket while doing so and I learned purely by accident that in doing so we ended up transfering not only my scent by the scent of his breast milk onto his blanket thus making his favorite blanky even more comforting.

The Cuskiboo is designed to do just that. Its soft blanket body can be worn against mom's body under clothes or slept with long enough to transfer her scent onto the Cuskiboo. Afterwards the Cuskiboo is given to the baby and it becomes a comforting aid simular to a a pacifier. Its a perfect companion for newborns or even toddlers who need a little extra reassurance. Though I never have had much seperation anxiety problems with Connor we need the most help at bedtime as lately he has been waking up in tears several times a night desperately wanting to go back to bed with me. I've been trying to resist as much as possible and we have been trying to come up with ideas to get him to settle down. The Cuskiboo is a huge help in situations like this one as though I can't sleep in his crib with him he can at least feel near me.

You can read more about the Cuskiboo on it's website or purchase your own in their online store!


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