Friday, November 21, 2008

New shoes for christmas?

Toddler shoes are one of my favorite things when it comes to dressing a little person, but finding good shoes or just knowing the difference between the options in toddler footwear can be confusing and frustrating. Connor has outrageously small feet and it can be a bit tricky to fit him for shoes as not only is his feet small but they are a bit on the narrow side too.

The holiday's are coming and that means family dinners, dressy outfits, and finding a beautiful shoe to go with Connor's holiday attire was important. The Umi Puggle is one of our favorite baby/toddler shoe for several reasons. The big thing that caught my attention about the Puggle is its modern style. This season the Puggle is available in several color combos, for boys this year there is an orange and grey version and a blue as well a pink and brown version for girls all of which are stunning but I have to say though orange is not at all my favorite color the orange and grey version's contrast is really exciting.

The Umi's stunning good looks is really only a small reason why I love them. The real benefit to Umi's is just how well they function. I'm not sure how often I have to preach to parents that buying a a good quality shoe for your child is really important even if that means you can only afford one or two pairs per size your child's feet will thank you later as the shoes they wear now can really affect their feet as they grow.

The Umi Puggle has several really important design features the first that you will notice is the thick velcro strap that runs across the top of the shoe. Its easy to get on and off and it looks cute but its strong enough that its not terribly easy for little hands to get off so if you have one of those kids that is constantly taking off their shoes they might find the Puggle is a bit harder than some other styles of shoes to remove for little hands. Though the real beauty of them is the soles, they are flexible but unlike some soft soled shoes they offer tons of traction in the rubber pads that are strategically placed along the bottom. This means that kids like Connor who are always on the move at full blast will keep their feet under them more than not. This also makes the Puggle completely safe for outdoor use within reason.

I've just been incredibly impressed with the quality of Umis, nothing is spared its exactly the same sort of quality you would expect out of an expensive adult shoe but with a cool kid twist. Umi makes more than just toddler shoes, check out their entire collection on their website!


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