Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The most goregous doll on earth.

The first time I laid eyes on a Bamboletta Doll I knew regardless of the fact that I have a boy I absolutely had to have one. For you to really understand that one you have to realize that I am not a doll person. Though I do love dolls, at least very special dolls, for a doll to get my attention it really has to have something special to offer. The Bamboletta dolls blow pretty much any other doll I have ever seen out of the water.

Now one of my most precious belongings I really consider my doll as much a work of art as a fabulous plaything. I actually caught my breath the moment I took her out of the box. I fell in love with Christina's, the creative mind and seamstress behind the Bamboletta doll, faerie and mermaid dolls but I knew I had to have a doll that would not only capture my heart but would capture Connors as well. So I asked Christina for the impossible, a gender neutral doll who had the amazing blue multi colored hair that she featured on the mermaid you see to the left. Ok, I still call my doll a "she" but other than her amazingly gorgeous hair she features a pretty plain outfit and is not overly girlie.

Once I got over just how gorgeous she was I carefully lifted my Bamboletta doll out of the box like she was a porcelain doll. I wasn't really sure what to expect but what I found shocked me. She is surprisingly "substantial" meaning she features a really tightly stuffed body that gives her a weight unlike any other doll I have ever owned. Her body and limbs are slightly rigid and tight, not squishy like you find in most cloth dolls, so it gives her this life all her own. I found myself holding her tightly and not wanting to let go as the combination of her cloth body and the weight really give her a super comforting "life like" feeling. I can't really explain it as you really just have to touch one to understand.

I have to say I am still totally thrown by her. The amount of work that went into her still astounds me from her handcrafted clothes complete with working buttons and laces on her shoes to her amazing hair that gets comments from every visitor that sees her in Connor's room. Even Connor loves to spend time touching her hair and kissing her on the face. I hate to say it though Christine nailed exactly what I wanted her to look like on the head she is just so gorgeous that I do long for her to wear a dress one day. Hopefully at some point I'll have a little girl and my precious doll will find a new home with a little girl in a gorgeous little dress. heh. Either way I know our Bamboletta doll will be with us for a long time as I have a feeling with as well as she is made she will be playing with my grand kids one day.

You really have to check out Bamboletta dolls. You can get your own custom made doll directly from Bamboletta dolls though you will have to possibly wait a bit I assure you its 100% worth every second of the wait or you can buy a premade doll over on the Natural Pod or Etsy!


Superdumb Supervillain said...

I love Bamboletta dolls! Roo's is so sweet and cuddly that I often snuggle her while she's at school...

Superdumb Supervillain said...
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jenny said...

oh yes thay are realy sweet and cute and verry nice dolls

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