Sunday, November 2, 2008

Modern style for newborns.

One of the biggest complaints I had with Connor's baby gear was how bulky all his stuff was. We live in a small house now, but when he was born his bedroom in our old house barely qualified for a bedroom as it was the size of some walk in closets I have seen. Needless to say our living room wasn't much bigger so trying to find a place for all of his baby stuff was nearly impossible. As much as he loved his bouncy seat it had a very cartoon look and newborns seem to have an endless amount of "stuff" so having something that goes with your furniture verses clashes is huge!

The moment I layed my eyes on the Svan Bouncer I knew we absolutely had to have one. This is one bouncy seat that you will actually be sad to put in the attic when your done using it. Clean, beautiful, and with a choice of colors that will match virtually any decor I promise everyone that visits will ask you where you got it.

The comments we have gotten on the Svan Bouncer have always started with "Wow, that's gorgeous" and then its immediately followed by "... but there is no battery operated vibrations?!". Yes its true folks there is not one single battery operated anything on the Svan Bouncer. Honestly I couldn't be happier with that as Connor hated the vibrating feature on his bouncer and past the first few days I pretty much turned off the lights and sounds on his chair as it scared him. So I can't say we would have missed anything at all minus the battery operated parts, other than having to buy batteries which is a HUGE plus.

What I absolutely love about the Svan Bouncer is the fact that it has several recline options. Connor loved sleeping in his bouncer when he was little, actually it was easier to get him to sleep in it than in his crib but it always looked so uncomfortable. The Svan Bouncer goes from a upright sitting possition to a recline and the hooded arch that goes over the seat allows for a little privacy when the baby is sleeping. With a weight limit up to 30 lbs Connor can still hang out in his Svan Bouncer and I set it up for him in the living room for watching movies though he is on the very small size it should easily work for most children up to a year old which is far past the lifespan of of a regular bouncy seat. The way its designed it makes the perfect first "chair" for eating solids, snacking, and of course bouncing!

This may seem silly but my absolutely favorite part about the Svan Bouncer? Easy, the fact that it folds almost totally flat for storage. Traditional bouncy seats are very bulky and they do not fold at all so storing them is a virtual nightmare.

You can read more about the Svan Bouncer on the Svan website and use the store locator to buy your own Svan Bouncer!

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Wow... I never seen any thing made like this before. Im speachless

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