Saturday, November 1, 2008

Go Baby GO!

I know its a little early but I am a bit concerned about Connor and his first bike. I've been bound and determined to get him a balance bike for his next birthday but the issue is his legs are so short that most balance bikes are way too tall. I'm sure if you have not seen a balance bike yet your wondering what on earth I am talking about. Well a balance bike, though fairly common in Europe are still uncommon here in the US. Basicly its a two wheeled bike just like big kids ride but without petals. This allows preschoolers to be able to learn to ride a bike much earlier than normal as the biggest challenge is just learning to properly balance. They sit on the bike and then push themselves around with their legs then can either push or glide many children who start riding with a balance bike skip training wheels all together and are ready to use a big kid bike as soon as they are actually big enough.

The Skuut is a balance bike made for children two to five years old it is fully adjustable so everyone can get in the action. Though honestly what really sold me is this video that they have in their videos and photos section that features a tiny little guy who reminds me a bunch of how Connor is built riding the Skuut like a pro. His parents assembled his Skuut with the body flipped upside down to lower the seat a bit and he seems to be braver on his Skuut than most kids three times his age are on a petal bike! You really have to head over to the videos section and check out the video of Ryder its about halfway down the page, I still end up a bit breathless when I watch him going full speed down that hill.

Balance Bikes are not a new idea as there are several other companies that make them at a higher price point. I actually did a review of one of its competitors earlier this year that is twice the price. The most obvious diffrence between the competitors and the Skuut is the lack of color choice, no spoked wheels, and there is only one model choice. These are for the most part cosmetic diffrences but the real diffrence is the Skuut is made in China where the BugABike is an Italian made bike. I'm not knocking the Skuut for being made in China, actually that would defeat the point as the big selling point about the Skuut is the fact that its 1/3 the price of its higher priced competitors for a simular product. If you have had your heart set on one of the higher priced bikes but your budget just can't deal with one of them its a great option.

We tested out the Skuut with a few older friends who has no trouble getting on and Skuuting around. Usually even new riders within a few days are already coasting with their feet up. This includes children as young as two years old. The only real issue with this is that two year olds are totally fearless, I can contest to this as Connor has decided that jumping off the dining room table is totally safe. So if you plan on getting a Skuut for Christmas make sure you invest in a good helmet and possibly some knee pads as well. Connor most certainly wont be Skuuting without a helmet as knowing him he will be crusing down the steep hill by our house within the first few days. heh.

Head on over to Skuut and read more about the Skuut and without hesitation most certainly check out the video section as you will be blown away with these tiny tiny kids riding their Skuuts like a pro! You can also check out the store locator to find one near you!

If you'd like to buy your Skuut online check out the online storefront and use coupon code seven15 to get 15% off your Skutt till Feb 21!


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