Sunday, November 9, 2008

The coolest box set I've seen!

Was there any of us who did not watch the Flintstones growing up? I think I actually spent a good majority of my early childhood actually wondering why on earth we didn't use our feet to power our car and the later part of my childhood wondering how on earth Fred could make his feet move fast enough to actually get anywhere in any sort of decent time. My first dog even almost got the name Bam Bam but sadly she was a girl so instead she had to settle for the name Scruffy.

You can now own the entire series of the Flintstones, Flintstones: The Complete Series, that means no waiting to see reruns on TV you can see your favorite Bedrock friends anytime! Six seasons is a lot to cover in on box set! That means that 166 episodes, all of the extras that were included in the individually boxed seasons, which includes some of the early commercials which are very fun to watch, the pilot which was called The Flagstones instead of the Flintstones, and a funny feature on raising children in the stone age are just a few of the extras. Needless to say the entire set encompasses 4,258 minutes of Flintstones action a total of 24 DVDs! I'm still a little overwhelmed about just how much is included and I can't say I've even started to scratch the surface.

What really got me with this box set is I am constantly complaining about how when you spend a lot of money on large set many times you end up getting just a thin cardboard box to store your dvds in. It always seemed a bit odd to me that if your spending fifty or more dollars on a set that you should at least get something substantial to keep your DVDs in. The Flintstones Complete Series Collection has to be one of the most impressive packaging I've seen and its massive. It looks like a Flintstones inspired TV set and the entire package is a solid plastic so it will hold up really well long term. Really the only complaint I have about it at all is that the DVDs are stored inside the TV in two paper booklets and its a pretty tight fit. I only wish they would have made it not quite so tight but seriously I couldn't be more thrilled about the sturdiness of this box set as its one of the best I've seen thus far.

At about $90 for the entire Flintstones: The Complete Series set it may not be for everyone but if you have someone on your Christmas list who absolutely can't get enough of them or you really would love to share them with your kids its actually incredibly reasonable for the amount of DVDs that are included it actually breaks down to about $3.75 a DVD and seeing as if you let your kids watch one or two episodes a day you could make it all the way through next summer on one box set!

The Flintstones: The Complete Series is available right now. You can pick up your own set over at Amazon!


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