Monday, November 3, 2008

By land or by train..

Trains have been a big thing around here lately. Connor isn't quite ready to play with a full train set with tracks but he can't resist playing with train engines or cars. I've been looking for a good reasonably priced option for his new train collection and I came across the Deluxe Canyon Road and Train Table over at Step 2.

There is only one issue with buying a train table, the fact that its a train table and once you get your track set up most cars cannot run on train tracks so its really only has one function. The other issue is the fact that train sets are incredibly expensive sometimes even more expensive than the trains themselves. The Step 2 Deluxe Canyon Road and Train Table answers both of those problems. The Deluxe Canyon Road table does not need train tracks to play as they are already built in. Actually two kids can easily share the table one with cars and the other with trains as the table has separate train track and roads and both are molded directly into the table so there is no worrying about tracks getting knocked over, or even worst having to find all those pieces when your toddler spreads them all over the house! The best part is at around $99 the Deluxe Canyon Road Table is easily cheaper than most train sets so it wont break the bank.

If you feel the need to use your traditional train tracks or you just want a good place for the kids to color or play with blocks when your done playing with the canyon feature you can just put the table lid back on and you have a whole other playing surface. The built in tracks easily accommodates most brand name trains and cars such as Brio, Thomas, and Matchbox however it may not accept all off name brands. Quite honestly the only issue I have with the table is its lack of storage. You can store your trains and cars inside the canyon but it would have been nice to have a storage bin underneath in case you actually did want to use it with track sets or blocks. I also wish that the table did not use stickers for the details as Connor spends loves to take the stickers off toys.

I do absolutely love the fact that it allows duel train and car play as especially with a toddler's attention span having toys that will go double duty can make the difference of making or breaking the toy. I do have to say though at the price though you can't beat it!

You can purchase your own Step 2 Deluxe Canyon Road and Train Table over at the Step 2 website!


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