Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whoohoo.. Weehee!

Heh.. I'm sure your wondering what on earth is wrong with Angela from that title, but that seems to be the big quote around the house these days as Connor's new toy can be heard all over the house.

The toy in question is the brand new Radio Flyer ride on toy the Turbo Turtle. The Turbo Turtle is everything we have been asking for in a ride on, reasonably priced, cool but not overly obnoxious or loud sound effects, and most importantly it spins in any direction the little ones want to go. Connor gets super frustrated with ride ons in most cases as well, they don't steer and with our hardwood floors he can basically ride in circles around the living room, through the dining room, and back into the kitchen without having to turn around and go the other way the issue with this is that if a ride on doesn't turn he actually has to stop and pick it up and start going again. With a boy that is always on the move this little routine doesn't last long before he is crying for me to come and help him and to be quite honest I have no desire to follow him around in circles as he makes laps around the house. The Turbo Turtle solves this issue as it has four wheels on casters on the bottom of the Turtle, a feature I have never seen except in very high end and expensive ride ons, that allow the rider to go in any direction they desire.. forward, backwards, and of course turn in any direction they would like to go!

The Turbo Turtle had us at the wheels but it has other features that make it an awesome gift for someone this Christmas. Not only can you go in any direction but its low profile and wide base, as the wheels attach to the turtles feet giving it a wide stance, its very sturdy and it does not wobble at all when Connor gets on and off so he is much more inclined to do it by himself without asking for help. Actually the last thing he wants is my help when he is playing with his Turtle as Connor's favorite feature of the Turbo Turtle is the storage area underneath the seat.

The seat on the Turbo Turtle lifts up exposing a round storage area so that little ones can take their most beloved treasures with them as they head on out for little adventures. Connor uses this area to hide everything he does not want me to know he has or for that said.. what he shouldn't have.. paper clips, the remote, my cell phone, anything he can find small enough as he travels around the house that will fit. If wheels that spin and secret compartments are not enough for you the Turbo Turtle has one more feature that will leave your toddler giggling.

The Turbo Turtle has three buttons on the handle that produce what sounds like something out of an older cartoon. Goofy sounding theme music, music for running over the family dog, and of course horn sounds. I've heard it so often lately that "whoohoo weehee" has actually become a common statement in our household. I almost hate to admit this but I actually said it without thinking when I got my precaculous test back today in front of my entire class. Ahh nothing like re conforming to your entire college class that yes you are the weirdo in the corner who's favorite topic of conversation involves toys.

You can learn more about the Turbo Turtle at Radio Flyer's website and use the store locator to find one near you!

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